Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday's Child

Trudy Turner

With not too much to say about the campaign over the weekend except the NDP's move to further absolve workers of responsibility for their conduct and inflict yet more impositions on employers.
Get this The Dippers want to make it ok for an employee to go out and break traffic laws in a company vehicle! Wonder who is going to be paying the fines??

Oh yeah! Way to go Doer! One more reason for a business to move somewhere else!

On the Intelligent Side:
Our team has been busy getting out in the community to meet people and hear what they have to say!
Voters comments on our efforts - "Great to see You! Thanks for stopping by! We need to get rid of these people!( the NDP) "- Thanks now get out and VOTE!

Some Curious Comments - "I'm a retired teacher and Doer didn't give us our pension COLA!"
This one kind of miffed me....what a sense of entitlement! Booo Hooo .....anyone else got pension COLA increases? Anyone!!?

And the Unfortunate Apathy of the perpetually downtrodden - "They're all the same .... what difference does it make!?" Try VOTING for a CHANGE!




Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday's Child!

Get's dissed by a Pompous Fool

Where the Bloated One chastises our Canadian Government and A Blogger gets a good finger wagging and tongue clucking by another Annony Mouse!

Saturday's should be put to better use I think!


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Friday, April 27, 2007

Just Because It's Friday!

Since I've got work to do on the election front I won't be around much!
But that does not mean we can't have a little fun to keep us going........
Here's a beauty to keep our spirits up and a reminder to get over to Darcey's:
Friday night Blues& Beer at Later on!



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Friday's Beer

Hobgoblin Strong Dark Ale on draught From Wychwood!

"Hobgoblin is a powerful full-bodied copper red, well-balanced brew. Strong in roasted malt with a moderate hoppy bitterness and slight fruity character that lasts through to the end.

Head Brewer, Jeremy Moss, has produced a full chocolate malt flavour beer by the addition of a small proportion of crystal malt and the use of Fuggles hops blended with Styrian Goldings hops. The ruby red coloured Hobgoblin is full-bodied and has a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity character."

Imagine if you will sitting in an English Garden waiting for the rain ........!

But this garden is located outside a bakery that is producing bountiful chocolate laced and fuit flavoured treats that permeate the nearby atmosphere.

Thats the kind of complicated aroma that the Goblin breaths into your world.

The bottle opens with a nice pop and fizz. Pours with vigorous effervescence and produces a hearty top of creamy froth that hangs on till you take a couple sips.

The beer tastes clean if a little on the hoppy side ( which I like ) and leaves the mouth feeling refreshed and well prepared for another taste. Deeper draughts are rewarding as well.

I'm using this one to wash down some Mexican baked beans and meat served on fajitas with plenty of cheese, onions, peppers and such! And it works very well indeed.

Not to say you would not want to take this beverage with milder foods. It's not overpowering at all just nicely brewed and interesting to the palate.

Thumbs Up for the Mischievious Little Imp from the Big Brown Bottle!



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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Media Polls - Freep and Sun in WPG

Seems the people who read these papers are convinced that they know the Conservatives will sell MB Hydro. Thanks to the papers in question and their unquestioning repetition of whatever Garry Doer says I guess!
Pure fear mongering on the part of the NDP!
Take a look at this: Sun Poll
Pure evidence of the success of the papers anti-conservative propagandizing and spin.
And This : Freep Poll

Angus Reid


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Election Campaign * Update*

Riel Riding Candidate Trudy Turner is on the way to becoming our new MLA!

The Team has established the Campaign Office at the Unit 14 – 200 Meadowwood Drive
just East of "Big Guy's" restaurant! Thanks to the people who operate the mall and thanks to our new neighbours.

MTS - did a great job of getting the phone systems set up and the volunteer team is ready to get busy with reaching out to the community.

Here's to the residents of St. Vital and the Riel community especially who will now have a chance to be represented by an ACTIVE and Competent member in the soon to be formed Progressive Conservative Government of Manitoba.

See you at the Meet and Greet fundraiser tonight at the Dakota Hotel where Trudy and Hugh will be to listen to you're ideas and concerns!
6pm - 9pm with a Bud-Spud & Steak for you! Tickets at the door.

Go Trudy!




Monday, April 23, 2007

On The Campaign Trail - Trudy Turner Riel

Trudy's campaign got off to a strong start on Sunday with an energetic group of supporters getting out on the Street! Sporting Trudy's campaign signs along with hearty smiles a big waves to the passing traffic around the St. Vital center they were greeted by many friendly waves and smiles in return! Cars honked, motorcyclists waved and showed thumbs up ..... a good start!

Followed up with some door knocking in the neighborhood the team found lots of supporters and even some not so supporters who were still happy to chat a bit about issues. Not something they've had much of chance to do with Ms. Melnick it seems.

One poignant incident was a very angry resident who was beside herself over the treatment her husband had received in the last while at one of our local hospitals. I can't say she was won over by the presence of campaigners but I can say that it's a damned shame that anyone can be so abused by the health care system that they have only anger for anyone associated with it or the government in any way.

Wasn't Doer and the Dippers going to FIX our hospitals??



Campaigning In Riel!

On Sunday the Trudy Turner campaign Kicked Off in ST. Vital Park!

At noon opposition leader Hugh McFadden was on hand along with Jack Reimer and a few other good people to announce the Initiation of Trudy's campaign to unseat the dismal Christine Melnick in Riel Riding!

Hugh took the opportunity to pose with Trudy and Friends and to make an announcement on funding for sports. The local media were on hand to ask asinine questions about Kyoto Policies and phony controversies regarding Jack Reimer. Uh huh! Good work there you "pros"!

After several attempts to corner Mr. McFadden into responding to what passes as for deep thought and concern among the media types they gave up paid some lip service to just reporting the event.

Word Up! to you local Media types : The election is about the failures of the current government! There are many and the repercussions are serious! You just haven't taken the time to consider them yet!



It's On ! - Manitoba Elections Are On!

And the local media is already getting their political licks in!

Using a question that was asked and answered in a fair and reasonable manner a Sun News reporter contrived to put words in the mouth of long time Manitoba MLA Jack Reimer.
Jack was asked if he thought the use of a female ex TV reporter like Erin Selby was a prop.

Mr' Reimer replied that it's common for everyone involved to want to be seen with the leader.

Which was later reported as Jack having use the word prop! Didn't happen that way and they know it! It was the reporter who described Ms. Selby as a prop not Mr. Reimer.

After the report came out the usual suspects were waiting to do the typical piling on without any consideration for the facts. The Dippers and their supporters in the media were all over it with liberal use of the term "sexist". Last time I checked the word *prop* meant a support or was short for propeller! How that would be sexist I don't know. But nevertheless, Mr. Reimer apologized like the gentleman that he is for the perceived impropriety.

I wouldn't have done that! As far as I'm concerned a TV talking head is just that A Prop!
And last time I checked being able to read a teleprompter qualified someone to ...... well read a teleprompter. Gary Doers assertions and Ms. Selby's blather about "New Ideas" are just more window dressing for the party of no substance! So Erin ...... you should understand that Jack Reimer did not spend 17 years in pubic service posing for cameras and reading from scripts.
I'm pretty sure that he also has more original ideas in any given day than you might have in your life!

The Sun has a poll question today about whether you think Jack Reimer made a sexist statement!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Just Because It's Friday!

I'm having a bacon double cheese burger and a few beers for supper!
Among other things!

Remember! Beer Built the Civilized World and kept us all from being Goatherds!

So Eat Drink and Be Merry! Especially because you may upset the haters of the world by doing so!
And don't forget to get on over to *The Broom* for Friday Night Blues and Beer!



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I Dig Oysters! - Even in a Bottle

Marston's Oyster Stout

Oyster Stout

Comes from the same folks who offers brands like Banks Mansfield and Jennings.
This is a BIG beverage company with lots of brand power and operates breweries and pubs around the UK.
So I was pleasantly surprised by the great nature of this Dark Beer!

It pours deeply dark and rich like the colour of very strong coffee and produces a really rich caramel coloured head. The effervescence dies out rather quickly but that seems to be fair for this kind of brew.
The nose on Oyster is very much filled with citrus fruit and hop flowers at first.
After a few draughts it is largely rich malty burnt sugar aromas with some interesting spice like sensations.

This is a true stout to my palate with strong first flavour and a clean finish that make the next sip come sooner and the rest frequently. It would be easy to over indulge with this beer!

All in all this is a very pleasant beverage to experience and I'd say it would make a great compliment with a decent lunch or dinner like chops, meat pie, stew or even a rich pasta dish.
Hearty beer that seems like it would go well with hearty food.

Like the label says "Dark - Rich - Smooth"



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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Truthers - They Walk Amongst Us

A post I would rather not have had any reason to write!

After picking up on this story through a post by commenter Jim on the SDA blog....

It seems that an editor of one of our local newspapers is willing to perpetuate the pack of misrepresentations, fallacies, fables, fantasies and outright lies that are the psychic food of lunatic conspiracy theorists and the misinformed and outright delusional elements of society.

This pack of fools and whack jobs known colloquially as "Truthers" has been building a straw house around the preposterous notion that the events of o9/11 2001 were a conspiracy of :
Pick and choose or mix and match ANY of the following -

The GW Bush White House, a cabal of Ultra Right Wing conservatives in government and private business coupled in some strange fantasy with the CIA, The Israeli Defence and Security bodies, Dick Cheney, Haliburton Corp. , Various "Big Business" groups, a mysterious Zionist Conspiracy, The Pope, Freemasons, "Big Oil" and so on!!!

Feel free to add any and all of your own pet theories here because Lord knows there's never enough potentially evil conspirators to satisfy the fevered imaginations of the mentally unbalanced.

So basically the so called Truthers are against anything that represents the Establishment in their minds and are absolutely determined to make others believe that those three airliners were not hijacked by Islamist Nutjobs that simply murdered 3000 or so folks because they were Infidels! To make a point about their own imagined superiority as muslims. To kill "Westerners" en-masse because their perverted doctrine says that is a good thing to do!
To get revenge on the supposedly EVIL United States of America for a host of supposed transgressions against Arabs and therefore Islam!

Truthers believe that the MASS MURDER was NOT carried out by Muslims bent on mayhem BUT rather the EVIL entities that populate the nightmares of their feverish and deluded minds!

Frankly, I have chosen to ignore these losers who hold such a marginal grip on reality and for the most part just had a bit of a chuckle at the sheer idiocy and ignorance that they display.
I've always felt that casting too much attention on the group tends to get them what they so desperately seek in the attention and the imagined belief or influence they may have on the public at large. After all! They are crusaders of a sort and they do want the satisfaction of winning converts. But the bottom line is the starved for attention grasping of weak minds and perverted characters.

That being said, just how the hell does someone who is paid to be a professional journalist get to the point where he becomes a believer or even proponent of idiotic conspiracy theories??
Ask John Gleeson of the Winnipeg Sun who wrote today:

Scholars debate 9/11 findings

Wherein He Writes:
"An unbiased observer doesn't need to look beyond what's happening on the ground today in Iraq and Afghanistan to conclude the War on Terror has been a brutal, manipulative means to a transparently self-serving end."

So which is it John?
Are you deliberately and cynically proselytizing for the Lunatic Fringe?
Are you a true believer in this unfounded BS?
Are you trying to be Ironic?
Are actually hoping that this will stir up some kind of intelligent debate?
Are you yourself delusional?
Or that you are just plain stupid?

Whatever your motivation Mr. Gleeson the act of publishing this piece of crap does one thing for certain!
You have proven that you lack any credibility as a professional journalist.
I would strongly recommend to the to the board of the Winnipeg Sun that you be removed from your position.
I would suggest that you seek psychiatric help.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How Beer Built the World!

Well Dust My Broom! Ale's Well in the World

"They stayed put while the grain grew and while the beer was brewed. And they made villages out of their tents. And those villages became towns, and those towns became cities. And so here we are in New York, thanks to beer.”

The heartwarming history of modern man and the growth of technology.
I wonder if the innate understanding of this force is what makes engineers and beer so compatible?

I also wonder if this has anything to do with the hatred a certain group of goatherds perpetuates in their theocratic society for all things good in the world!


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Canadian Press - NonStop Anti - Conservative Bias

From Me to You CP :

The Headline Reads:
"Feds' secrecy could undermine torture inquiry,
say lawyers"

Why Not: Judge In Terrorism Case reserves decision on public vs. closed sessions!
Government Lawyers Seek to protect Sensitive Strategic Information!
Lawyers in Terrorism Case argue over Secrecy!

The issue is that the lawyers representing the three subjects of Syrian and Egyptian arrest, detainment and torture want the whole thing out in public.

While the counsel for our Government is trying to protect the security of national intelligence and law enforcement.

While the presiding judge is considering the matter....

CP chooses to emphasize Fed - Secrecy - Undermine - Torture

Never mind that the case is about the information and the process that got these guys in trouble.
Never mind that it's NOT about torture.
Never mind that there will inevitably be sensitive information that we do not want in the public sphere.
The Lawyers of course don't give a rats ass about what or who They jeopardize.

And of course Canadian Press chooses to use the story to paint the Federal Government as being at fault!


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With H/T to Angel

"".....First it was “Hate Speech”.. they and the CA-IR Bears claimed. (as if they, of all people, could throw stones at others’ inflammatory speech..ha)

Then it was “Thought Speech”…if ya even think something is wrong …no no no.

Well, Now it’s “Look Speech”.

No talky.
No thinky.
No lookie.

Unless ya wanna be sent for “sensitivy training” by the PC poleece.
or better yet ..fired....""

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Another Kind of Activist!

The child molesting kiddie porn kind who works for the ACLU!

Are they all this bad? No. Am I surprised to find one or two? No.
I wonder how many more there are!

H/T to Stop The ACLU



Activists Go Home! Good Riddance

Don't let the door hit ya' in the arse on your way out!

The Annual Seal Hunt and Clown Show Is Over!

I was waiting for the annual migration of idiotarians and animal rights activists descent on our North Eastern regions to chastise us for being so inhumane and evil.

I was waiting for The MSM to hang on to every cock and bull comment and statement offered by the likes of Rebecca Aldworth from the US Humane Society.

We started this years pandering to the activists by Canadian Press who offered the usual public soap box for Aldworth to spew her nonsense.

While still Willing to Sing backup harmony to the litany of childishly petulant complaints from Aldworth and her cronies and only too happy to keep repeating the trash theories of government conspiracies to silence their caterwaling and histrionics the Canadian and world media seemed surprisingly uninterested and unenthusiastic this year!

Oh well! Perhaps the fact that there are actually real world issues to deal with got in the way.
Or, perhaps the incessant banging of the Global Warming Alarmist Drums was keeping them busy.
Or, perhaps the lack of Celebrity ego-activists made the prospect less appealing.
Or, maybe the protest just isn't the In Thing this year!

Just as well then. For whatever reason we bid you adieu Rebecca and all your self righteous pals!

And remember! Don't let that door hit you in the arse!

Some Links: This Year's Start!
This Year's Finish!
H/T to The Broom


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Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Mailbag!

I have no idea why Ralph Goodale's office would be sending me mail but here is what I got today:

In an envelope addressed to my household a two sided little pamphlet labeled " A message from Ralph Goodale, MP".

Side One: a picture of citizen of France Dion with the title Effective Plan for reducing Crime!
Just imagine my interest in this.
Stephane Dion's Liberal Opposition has a better way forward on combating crime blah blah blah....
Ummm .... Thirteen consecutive years of ethically challenged government with a track record of nothing but soft on crime policies, revolving door justice system, weak law enforcement, non existent national security etc. Not to mention the decades of prior Liberal attacks on personal freedom and the manufacture of the imaginary rights of criminals coupled with the enforcement of that ideology at the expense of the safety and security of honest tax paying citizens.

Side Two: Big Bold Letters "WRONG WAY ON SAFETY"
Stephen Harper's Conservative government prefers to fear-monger and garner headlines with Republican-Style justice .... blah blah blah!

Yup .... Harper mongers fear while upstanding Dion invokes the specter of those awful Americans to reprise the theme of anti-American sentiment while trying to equate a Canadian Conservative Government with US republicans and (dare we suggest it?) the universally despised ( among Liberals, Socialists, Tin Pot Dictators and Moonbats everywhere ) GW Bush!

This is what passes for thought and initiative on the part of Canada's Liberal Party???

Too Bad! You are as completely devoid of ideas as you are of integrity and even a modicum of good sense Ralph and all your delusional and empty headed supporters. You are ALL TALK and have proven incapable of any substantive action. You are factually and logically challenged. Even a sense of Irony escapes your preposterous claims and outright hypocritical hog wash.
In short You Are Full of Shit!

Your buddy Dion is useless and will bring you down. Your days are numbered!


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Joy!

It's a beautiful spring day at last and here's how I feel about it!


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Friday, April 13, 2007

Just Because It's Friday!

And Don't miss Friday Night Blues & Beer at :
Dust My Broom!

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Must Be The Season of The Witch!

Well Now!

Today I've found a few new things to be happy about!
Some Mood Music

A new brew that may tempt both me and you!
BlackWych SpellBinding Stout

From Wytchwood Brewery Co. - Witney, Oxfordshire England

Black WychThe Black Wych

So let us delve into the Mystery of this most tempting creature!

This one opens with a soft hiss of black cat that is followed by a wisp of escaping mysterious vapours that waft up and then about the container's curved neck.

A tentative whiff of the open vessel produces teasing hints of dark things!

But now to release the potion to it's new home in the one pint glass tumbler.
Pouring out with a deep chocolate colour she produces a swelling head of deep creamy froth that stays for only a minute or two and vanishes into the trace of something which was once corporeal and now become a phantom.
To the nose ..... taking hearty draughts of the growing vapours that emerge, the heady perfumes are complex and require some sampling and thought to divine.

There are flowers from a night garden, something deeply roasted and coated with burnt sugars and exotic oils. A heady and intoxicating miasma that holds some primal memory of things of the warm and loving earth, from the gardens, forests and perhaps a peat hearth in a woodland cottage built on a forest floor of millenia old oak and moss, a tantalizing musk. A temptress!

To the lips now we bring our enchanting essence and there is only more wonder to experience.
Dark promises of bitter yet tantalizing pleasures are delivered on. A burst of wonder like coffee and herbs with sweetness only implied by some undefined and unknowable thing that lurks in the background. Smothered in rich cream this potion passes over the tongue and enchants the palate.

Yes there's definitely magic in this brew!
Not for those who fear the dark or tremble in the face of the unknown but a reward for the bold adventurer. Those who dare to risk being bound in the spell of the earth.



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Green Party is Home to Lefty Asshats! - No Surprise

Take A Look At Green Party Candidate: :

* update*
At least Lizzy May refused to sign his nomination papers after this cam out!
One wonders how may other commie asshats are harboured in the party though?

Kevin Potvin on 9/11:

“When I saw the first tower cascade down into that enormous plume of dust and paper, there was a little voice inside me that said, ‘Yeah!’ When the second tower came down the same way, that little voice said, ‘Beautiful!’ When the visage of the Pentagon appeared on the TV with a gaping and smoking hole in its side, that little voice had nearly taken me over, and I felt an urge to pump my fist in the air,”

Yep! That's right this PRICK cheered when over 3000 people were murdered.

Mr. Potvin I dare you to show up anywhere and say that to MY face! You PRICK!


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Our Lefty News / Media Hard at Work!

Today while waiting for my computer to boot up and enjoying my first cup of coffee I took a plunge into the world of TV broadcast news and landed on our friends over at CBC Newsworld.

After sitting through the exhaustive Afghan Deathwatch reporting and taking in a little bit of on the ground summary from one of our military guys over there the talking program moved on to get into the Paul Wolfowitz story.
As you may already know Wolfowitz is the president of the World Bank and he's gotten himself embroiled in a bit of a scandal because he helped a friend get a job!
At issue are the generous compensation and pay raises of a bank employee, Shaha Riza, who has dated Wolfowitz. She was given an assignment at the State Department in September 2005, shortly after he became bank president. And Mr. Wolfowitz admitted that he helped her into that White House opening.

Of course there are a pack of howlers after his tail now even though the job his pal got was outside the World Bank. SO what exactly is WRONG with putting in a good word for your friends when they're looking for new jobs? If any fault could be found it should be in the US State department where they may have given the good Miss Riza preferential treatment. As far as the The World Bank Group Staff Association is concerned this is really none of their damned business.

But I DIGRESS ...... The point is how our taxpayer funded clique of lefty asshats chose to report this story.

CBC began their report today by first linking Mr. Wolfowitz to the Bush Administration and the Iraq war as being an outspoken supporter of the War! What does this have to do with the current story? Well ...... NOTHING .... unless you have an agenda to spin the news into your general dislike of the US Administration and their policies!

Way to go CBC!

I sincerely hope that we the Canadian Taxpayers will soon be relieved of the burden of funding this leftist propaganda machine.


On a marginally related topic .... because it invovles the CBC and Taxpayers money:
If you are a hockey fan and expect to see the best games or Canadian Teams up against US based teams in the Prime Time Slots forget it!

CBC paid the NHL $600million dollars for the rights to broadcast the product and serves the largest market of dedicated Hockey viewers. But Garry Betman has decided that YOUR investment in HIS business is second concern to pleasing the marginal and dwindling US audiences. This weekend you will see the lame lineup of Tampa Bay v New Jersey on Hockey Night's prime time broadcast. If you are interested in the much more relevant Ottawa / Pittsburgh game you will have to plunk you ass down at 2:00 PM CST.
Apparently the CBC brass don't have the NUTS to stand up against this jackass Betman to ensure that the money YOU spent would be well spent!

Kill the funding to the CBC and Kill It Soon!



Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is Reporting?

I was watching a bit of mid morning news on CTV today and suffered through Robert Fife "reporting" on what's going on in around Canadian politics.
Once again Bob succeeded in reinforcing my belief that he is completely incapable of reporting anything because what he does is editorialize, opine and run a cheer leading school for Liberal sympathizers!

It's absolutely unbelievable how distorted this guys coverage of every topic is!

Bob is living proof that our MSM is so entrenched in their own world that they cannot even recognize their own prejudice. Smugly telling us peons how the world works and that our government is wrong about everything it does he goes on and on to impugn every last policy or initiative of the Conservative government while blindly defending every misdeed and failing of his beloved Liberals. From sneering swipes at government actions to smarmy and false denials of liberal malfeasance Bob just never lets up.

Time to move on Bob You bitter little man .... that Liberal patronage appointment you've been waiting for is not going to happen!
Some more at SDA


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Who Gives These People a Drivers Licence?

08:30 Wednesday April 11, 2007
Eastbound Bishop Grandin Blvd @ St. Mary's Rd.

Witnessed this morning while waiting in traffic at a stop light an exhibition of brainless motor vehicle operation that boggles the mind and raises the blood pressure.
While waiting in a left turn lane I glanced in my mirror and happened to catch a sight that seemed slightly odd. An approaching vehicle was being driven by someone who apparently had a hands free mode of operation.

On my second take of the approaching apparition it became clear that the driver of a Honda Odyssey was holding a lively conversation on her cell phone while ingesting a drink. Left hand firmly grasping the cellphone and right hand clutching the coffee cup. Our adventuress was managing to steer the vehicle with elbows.

As the traffic was held at the light I was entertained by further displays of dexterity whereby the coffee container was set aside to allow a deep search of a purse which was on the adjacent seat. After a minute or so of rummaging a cylinder was brought into view and a routine of makeup application was performed. I did not have to wonder long about what would happen when the light changed because it did and our intrepid performer drove off with lipstick in hand and still being applied and cellphone pressed to ear.
She never stopped talking the entire time.

Now I don't know what this persons driving record is like and I don't know what kind of thinking goes on in the head of a person that allows them to justify this kind of behaviour to themselves.
BUT, I do know that if any kind of emergency occurred that would force this twit to be in control of her vehicle, there is very little chance that she would! I also know that no matter what you think you don't have anything to talk about that is THAT urgent!
I also know that my insurance rates are pushed up at least in part because of witless airheads like this woman.

This rolling cliche of the failings of female drivers is a threat to every other person on the road and I encourage her to change her ways.

Some other examples of witless behaviour that I've witnessed:
- Application of makeup, eyeshadow etc. while driving vehicle in motion
- Use of eyelash curling device while driving vehicle in motion
- Balancing a novel on the steering wheel and reading while driving vehicle in motion
- Knitting while driving vehicle in motion
- Reaching for an object on the floor while driving, head obscured below the dash resulted in rear end collision ( this woman drove straight into the back of my car and later claimed she did not)


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bacon: The New Hate Crime!

*Bacon The Is Now The Weapon of Hateful People! *
Over at The Gates of Vienna author Dymphna post this little sample of how CAIR and other activist groups use "Hate Crimes Laws" to undermine our justice system and enforce their own ideology at the expense of any who hold differing views.

Remember that the perpetrators of the stunt have not been found and whatever their reason or intent the legal precedent that results from the invocation of the hate crimes laws becomes a nail in the coffin of honest and upright dissenters and critics of the perpetually offended groups.

Like CAIR! This is part of their strategy to see their own moral code Sharia Law imposed on our society.
And given that ........... would it be too much to speculate that the whole stunt was a put up by Islamic agitators to create just such an opportunity for CAIR to express some more of their "Righteous Outrage" ?

Not that it makes any difference. Whatever kind of dumbass pulled this stunt the act itself is laughable. Problem being that groups like CAIR get to take advantage of the doctrine of Political Correctness that poisons the heart and soul of American institutions. "Liberal Rot" like a cancer that weakens the body of society.


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Monday, April 09, 2007

Enter Your Opinion on the Angus Poll!

A straight up Yes Or No Question at Angus Reid!

Should the seal hunt be banned?
* BAN The Seal Hunt? *

Of course the nurse nanny's and PeeCee socialist activists want to ban it. After all it makes them feel all icky to think about blood and stuff like that!

ALSO : Myths of the Seal Hunt!

The nine most egregious lies being promoted by activists who oppose the hunting and use of seals!




Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Week!

I'm going to take a deep breath and relax a bit! I hope everyone else will as well.
It seems a good thing when a time is allowed for a little meditation and introspection and I usually find this happens for me around significant dates on the calender.

So Easter! The time of renewal, the remembering of sacrifice and resurrection and what those things mean in our lives.

I'm thinking about how others I know are struggling with what life is dealing them. Some with big and life changing issues to manage and some with less urgent and less intimidating things happening. Some with new opportunities and horizons some just dealing with the same old stuff.

For one and all I'll spend a bit of time reflecting on our world and our lives.



Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Manitoba Politics - The NDP Platform of Obfuscation!

I guess when you have nothing substantive to point to as is the case with Gary Doer and his dippers, (particularly my own MLA Christine Melnick who has much to be ashamed of) then you have to go with fiction and obfuscation.

Gary Doer seems to be ready for an election and it's sure to be his last.
The level of BS coming from the NDP offices is at an all time high and I especially hope to see the back end of Christine Melnick.

I received a flyer from my MLA Christine Melnick wherein she completely fails to mention her previous positions in the government of Doer and most notably her disastrous failure at the helm of the CFS.

Her only claim of actual management is to take responsibility for Water Stewardship which in fact was formed and managed by her predecessor Steve Ashton. Melnick was moved into the Water Stewardship role after the big responsibility of infrastructure ( the floodway project and fiasco) was taken out of the portfolio and has continued her pattern of trying to appear useful while doing nothing! It's probably a good thing for precious Christine that few Manitobans know anything at all about her current portfolio. And it's patently obvious that she and Gary are anxious to have us forget her true history. Christine''s greatest accomplishment to date has been to get elected in the first place after that there is nothing but a series of convenient photo ops where she shows up at some community event like a neighbourhood cleanup, gets her mug shot and disappears before actually helping the folks out. Not for Christine to get her hands dirty!

So here's a reminder.... Christine Melnick's legacy is dead and abused children under the care of her agency Manitoba Child and Family Services. To my knowledge she has never had an answer for that!

Publishing blatantly false and misleading communications material at taxpayers expense to promote herself and her cohorts as a success story!

The little newsletter goes on to tout Doer's imagined achievements and of course mentions nothing of the costs to Manitobans.

If we are to believe this piece of propaganda everything is just rosy in MB. And of course it's all because of Gary and company.

This is what the Dippers are all about....facts and reality are things to be twisted and abused if not just simply ignored outright!



Black and Right! Awesome

I've read Bob Parks only once before and although I did feel his sincerity I do not recall having thought of his work as being this powerful!

This video of a monologue he made this week about Liberal Stupidity and Hypocrisy:
* Bob Parks Video*

I agree with Bob 100% ....... he is right on the money on the matter of politicians the media and the chicken shit Liberals who live in our communities!

" Screw what the liberals are saying....." Oh yeah!


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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Annual Seal Hunt and Clown Show!

Well I've been waiting for this! As the annual migration of idiotarians and animal rights activists descend on our North Eastern regions to chastize us for being so inhumane and evil.

The MSM is hanging on to every cock and bull comment and statement offered by the likes of Rebecca Aldworth from the US Humane Society.
Becky can be seen in numerous videos spewing nonsense about her "Right" to go where she wants to go and do what she wants to do regardless of the laws of our Nation and our rights to enforce them.
Aldworth is one of the key organizers of this annual publicity stunt in which millions of dollars are spent to denigrate the character of Canadians and criticize our policies while hypocritically contributing to pollution and harm to animals as well as human beings who are undertaking a legal activity withing the jurisdiction of our sovereign nation.

Aldworth by the way can also be seen in videos from last year where she is cursing sealers who her boat cut off and interfered with ...which by the way is a CRIME!
She is also the same idiot who was too busy pandering to a camera to go either rescue a dying seal pup or put it out of it's misery.

We start this years pandering to the activists by Canadian Press who offers:

" Animal rights groups are fuelling their helicopters, loading their gear and preparing for a new, more difficult venue as Canada's East Coast seal hunt moves to the ice floes of the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence."

"The hunt opens Wednesday in the northern Gulf and it will present the only real opportunity this year for hunt opponents to get the visual images they need to fuel their campaign to stop the annual slaughter on the ice."

"The Canadian government's decision earlier this week to prohibit observers during the opening days of the hunt in the southern Gulf, combined with poor ice and few seals, cut off the traditional, more convenient staging ground for the annual stand-off between hunters and observers."

"Rebecca Aldworth ... blah blah ... said Tuesday it was reprehensible for the government to restrict access to the southern Gulf, even if the hunt didn't amount to anything more than a couple of boats and no more than 50 seals."

"To us, that says there's something the Canadian government didn't want the public to see," Aldworth said.

"In this case, I believe it was the image of just a few seal pups clinging to tiny pans of ice and seal hunters still coming with clubs and guns and shooting and killing every last pup they could find."

Aldworth had to do a lot of arguing with Fisheries Department officials on Tuesday .......

BOO HOO! For the record - there is nothing I want to see more for Rebecca Aldworth than for her getting dunked in the frigid water north of Labrador and have a sealer pull her out! After taking his sweet time about it!

More activist airhead propaganda and BS to come................................


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Monday, April 02, 2007

Start The Day With Attitude!

From one of my favorite off the cuff and off the wall bloggers: Greg Beck of

*Death's Door*

And With a Big H/T to SDA along with Publius Pundit:

*Publius Pundit*

John Travolta a Gorophile....How the heck do people like this get other people to believe their crappola?

*Are We Lumberjacks?*

Britain Is As Good as DEAD! Thanks to Soft Headed Socialist PC Thinking.

*Dust My Broom*

America ( Democrats ) Desperately Trying to Surrender To Terrorists! Courtesy LGF

* Democrats Want to Hand Your Ass over to Terrorists ! *