Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Canadian Press - NonStop Anti - Conservative Bias

From Me to You CP :

The Headline Reads:
"Feds' secrecy could undermine torture inquiry,
say lawyers"

Why Not: Judge In Terrorism Case reserves decision on public vs. closed sessions!
Government Lawyers Seek to protect Sensitive Strategic Information!
Lawyers in Terrorism Case argue over Secrecy!

The issue is that the lawyers representing the three subjects of Syrian and Egyptian arrest, detainment and torture want the whole thing out in public.

While the counsel for our Government is trying to protect the security of national intelligence and law enforcement.

While the presiding judge is considering the matter....

CP chooses to emphasize Fed - Secrecy - Undermine - Torture

Never mind that the case is about the information and the process that got these guys in trouble.
Never mind that it's NOT about torture.
Never mind that there will inevitably be sensitive information that we do not want in the public sphere.
The Lawyers of course don't give a rats ass about what or who They jeopardize.

And of course Canadian Press chooses to use the story to paint the Federal Government as being at fault!


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