Monday, October 30, 2006

Canada / Ontario - Mexico / Oaxaca : Notice the similarities?

I borrowed this from a CP story today..... I also took the liberty of editing out much of the highperbole and passive voice editorializing from the CP source.

Today In Oaxaca, Mexico Thousands of protesters were driven from the city centre by federal police after months of paralyzing demonstrations vowed to retake the main plaza on today while strike-weary residents plead for a return to life as usual.

The protests which began as a teacher's strike spiraled into chaos as anarchists, students and Indian groups seized the central plaza and barricaded streets throughout the city.
Note the usual bunch of protest junkies and general shitstain activists!

"Fight, fight, fight! Don't stop fighting!" the protesters chanted before arriving at the central main plaza (Zocalo) carrying anti-government banners.

What else were they carrying mister reporter?

Facing off with columns of police who blocked their access to the square, the demonstrators screamed "Murderers! Murderers!" but did not attempt to break through.

"Let them stay," said housewife Edith Mendoza of the police. "We were held hostage for five months."

Hmmmm! Sounds a bit familiar!

"The city resembled a battleground early Monday, its streets littered with charred cars and lines of federal police blocking entrances to the Zocalo." According to CP.

Inside the central plaza, guarded by hundreds of uniformed police in riot gear and manning water cannons, workers worked to remove and paint over graffiti, rip down banners and clean up tons of accumulated trash. The plaza, which was covered with protest banners and graffiti during the demonstrations, has already been restored to its original state.

Police and state forces, often in plainclothes, have supposedly shot at protesters, setting off clashes in which at least eight people have died.

The federal government indicated that it had no intention of letting the protesters take back the city. Interior Secretary Carlos Abascal said the federal forces would stay until order had been established.

One could only hope that we could accomplish this in Canada!

President Vicente Fox said "today in Oaxaca social order and peace has been restored."

The federal government's decision to send forces into Oaxaca came after teachers agreed to return to work by Monday, ending a strike that kept 1.3 million children out of classes across the southern state.

Fox had supposedly resisted repeated calls to send federal forces to Oaxaca until Saturday, a day after gunfire killed a U.S. activist-journalist and two residents.

Really ! What substantiation is there for this claim? And if true what provoked the shooting?

The demonstrators said Monday they hoped to attract other sectors of society, mainly the state's restive Indian population, to join their fight.

Sound familiar??

"The government is angering the other regions and they are going to come and that way they won't stop us," said Flora Gutierrez, a university student who was among protesters.

University Student...apparently majoring in being a socialist asswipe!

Protesters also pointed out that while police controlled the Zocalo, the demonstrators were still in charge of other areas of the city, where they erected additional barricades made of trash and vehicles. And claim to have erected more than 3,000 barricades in the working-class neighbourhoods!

Yep! "In Charge" of mayhem and destruction like a bunch of drunken hooligans.

Teachers union leader Enrique Rueda told The Associated Press that no students had returned to class in the capital on Monday, although some had in cities and towns outside of Oaxaca City.

"We are not willing to go back (to work) until we get written guarantees" for teachers' safety, said Daniel Reyes a striking teacher.

Protection from who? I wonder......the leftist shitstains who are the real problem?

During the strike, some dissident teachers tried to open schools, and parents armed with sticks and pipes fought off protesters who tried to keep children from entering.

SO who really cares about education? Teachers, leftist shitstains? Nope just parents who are willing to risk serious harm to fight for their kids.

Public Safety Secretary Eduardo Medina Mora said seven police were injured in the weekend clashes. A few were hit by gasoline bombs thrown by protesters.

Give peace a chance eh??

Protesters claimed two of their own were killed, but federal authorities said they could not confirm that.

Want to bet it wasn't the federales who killed them? If they were killed that is!


Friday, October 27, 2006

I Don't KNow What It Does - I just want one!

A Go Anywhere Kind of Vehicle - From Russia?

Armored vehicle tuning

Salad Days! Farewell Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is fast becoming a living legend, with the most amounts of Formula One race wins (beating Alain Prost's record of 51 at Spa in 2001) and with five World Championships to his name.

I particularly enjoyed this early era of Michael's career! 1992 through 1996
Epic Race Battles with Nigel Mansell (in the pic), Aerton Senna, Gerhard Berger, Alain Prost, Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve .......What a Time that was!

Would anyone have bet on the final tally of Schumacker's career ? Or guessed at some of the outrageous stunts he would pull to keep his enemies on the defensive?

All the great moments and the not so great are all just stuff for the books now.

Goodbye Michael, my Sundays will never be the same.


Things You Never Guess You'll See - Pravda On-Line

1958! What's the fascination with 1958?

Playboy's best models in 1958

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are LIberal Judges Out to Ruin Us?

Actually I'm confused about just what the hell his point is!
And, concerned that we have just put a wedge into another law.
A wedge designed to weaken our laws and which will ultimately result in harm to Canadian citizens.

In regard to the Anti-Terrorism Act and the clause which defines terrorism.
Justice Douglas Rutherford of Ontario Superior Court chose to "sever" the offending clause from the Anti-Terrorism Act and leave the rest of the law in place.

Rutherford, highlighted a provision that makes proof of terrorism dependent on showing a religious, political or ideological motive for the criminal activity.

It sounds like simple political correctness to remove a clause that mentions religious, political or ideological motive. But is it?
Is this clause a weak link in the ATA that would provide terrorists with a tool to lever their way out of charges on constitutional grounds?
Is the clause an attempt by the writers of the law to protect non- religious/political/ideological offenders from charges of terrorism?

If, lets say....A bike gang blew up a court house or threatened a judge or police or witnesses are they terrorists?
Or does it actually take a religious/political/ideologue to commit crimes that are motivated by those factors to be a terrorists?
What about crimes that are directly or indirectly aiding or abetting terrorist groups?

Well ... let's just say that since this definition of "terrorism" came from the UN I'm not overly thrilled about it's use. But is our court saying that the UN version of things is "Wrong"?
If so, what exactly is the definition of terrorism?

Is the definition of terrorism adopted by our government and Lawmakers flawed?
Is the mention of said R/P/I motivations in the law a "Violation" of the charter? Apparently what Rutherford thinks.
Why would it be improper to mention motivation of any kind in any law?
Without a definition of "Terrorism" can you have an anti-terrorism law?

If the law as written is weak then it makes sense to change it. If it is merely making a position clear it should be left alone.

Unless of course you are more interested in mush headed political correctness than in justice or actuall effective laws I see no reason to invalidate the definition of terrorism in the law.
It seems to me that these judges are bent on meddling and unconcerned about the danger imposed on Canadian citizens because of their meddling.

If we had an organized crime act ( we do but it's already been meddled with by judges) that had real teeth we could simply append the special designation of terrorism to it.
Do we not need strong laws and a justice system committed to enforcing them in protection of our citizens?
But we have what we have and I think it makes sense to make our laws stronger.....what exactly is our Justice Rutherford doing?


Friday, October 20, 2006

Why There's No Respect for the MSM

The ultimate Role Model for today's Media!

You are ALL Ted Baxter Now!


Tough Week ! The Wheels Turn On.....

It's been a tough week!

Faced with constant bombardment of factual liberties being taken in the MSM, hostile and mostly directed at my team, all in the face of ongoing misbehaviour by numerous Liberals and Such....I think I feel a little run down!
The usual MSM culprits have been in fine form CBC/CTV/Torstar/BGM/CP/AP/Rueters/CNN/CBS/ABC....they've all been in fine form with countless examples of opinion represented as news, liberally seasoned with mistruths and false representations. Hordes of spin friendly "authorities" trotted out to substantiate the BS...taking a sane person to the edge of dispair!

Winter's starting to make it's presence felt and I already miss those long daylight hours.

But I think I can finish this one on a high note!

Pater MacKay's snappy little comback in the house this week was a spark that lit up this otherwise dung coloured week. In response to a lame implication that Peter does not care about pets or animals or his DOG or some such crap embedded in a Liberal interogatory...Peter came back with "You've Got her!" HA....what a shot! What a Zinger!
Of course this is entirely NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT but that's one more reason to Love It!
Read into that what you Insult to BS and the Libs? Sure it is.

The jackals are howling with well orchestrated righteous indignation...let them.
BS wants an apology. Ha! Let her demand one...let the pack howl! Let the moonbats screech!

I'm going to sit back and laugh.

It's time for a nice glass of wine and some contemplation on the cycles of nature.


Monday, October 16, 2006

BAR Assn. wants CCP Back! - Why?

Yep! Im sure this has something to do about what's in Someone's Pockets allright!

OTTAWA (CP) - The Canadian Bar Association is urging the federal government to reinstate the court challenges program and restore its budget.

The association says the program, recently cut by the Conservative government, is necessary to protect the constitutional rights of all Canadians, not just those with deep pockets.

File this under "Too Freekin Obvious" !


What We've Lost and What We're Left With!

I get the feeling we will NEVER see this quality of Journalist again:
Lister Sinclair (handout photo)

TORONTO (CP) - Veteran CBC broadcaster Lister Sinclair died this morning in a Toronto hospital, the public broadcaster reports.

He was 85.

Sinclair had a storied career at the CBC, working as a host, playwright and panellist - even as vice-president of the network.

He hosted the radio show "Ideas" for 16 years and was a fixture on the program "Court of Opinion."

He also wrote numerous plays for radio and TV.

THIS is what we are left with:

Nancy WilsonPeter MansbridgeGeorge Stroumboulopoulos

Heather HiscoxChristina LawandJulie Van Dusen

I could go on but this should suffice!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

We Won't Fight Your Wars?

Anarchists..lack work ethic!

H /T to Arewelumberjacks


Friday, October 13, 2006

Barbie Likeness Disturbing to Some! - That'd be ME!

Australian actress Nicole Kidman blows a kiss during a photo call Friday to present her movie "Fur," directed by Steven Shainberg, for the first edition of the Rome Film. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)
Nichol Kidman promoting her new movie somewhere...who cares?
Looks like she's modelling for "Barbie" template!

This picture is just TOO Mattel for me!

Given the mother company's penchant for suing in recent you suppose Kidman will get a notice from Mattel to cease and desist looking like a PLASTIC DOLL?

Something Really Good Happens When you get people involved in the Economy!

Prof. Mohammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, a microcredit institution, explains to villagers the benefits of the system at Kalampur village in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jan. 21, 2004. (AP Photo/Pavel Rahman)
OSLO, Norway (AP) - Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank he founded won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for pioneerin...

I'm kind of stoked about this Noble Prize.....this guy set up a system for poor people to get credit to buy things that they need to become self sufficient. INSTEAD of waiting for the government to DO SOMETHING!

Kind of makes sense to me.

Could This be the way to avoid "Congestion" Tax?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Socialist Politics in California - State of Fear Enforced by Sacremento

Link to the article by Ray Haynes discussing how the business community in California is so cowed by the intransigent and igrained socialist ideologs of the state capital that they are afraid to "offend" by taking a pro- property rights initiative.

This worries me because of Californias role as a trend setter...what happens in California does not stay in California and we do not want to go down this path any further in our own country!

My favorite quote from the article: ........" Free markets require two basic components to work: freedom of contract and protection of private property rights. A society that chooses to take private property is either socialist, or traveling quickly down the road to socialism. The threat of losing a lifetime of work to the whim of an all-powerful government will often convince even the most principled person to forego his or her freedom of speech..............."

And more:

.............." They are afraid, they tell me, of retaliation from the government, if they don’t oppose the initiative. Local governments are telling business and developers that, if they don’t oppose Proposition 90, they will make their business lives miserable. They are being told that if they donate money, their projects will be fast tracked. However, if they don’t help, their projects will go into some sort of governmental purgatory, lost in the bowel of some regulatory or planning agency until the new temple is built in Jerusalem. I am told that they have to oppose us because they just can’t risk it."

So much for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanks for the Memories!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Canadian Water Report Card is Pure BS From Leftwing Environmental Group

The Sierra Legal defense fund (
"... is a non-profit, charitable organization funded by public donations and foundations grants and currently has over 30,000 individual supporters across Canada...."

In a self serving attempt to garner attention for itself the left wing group at the SLDF has released a "Report Card" on Canadian Drinking Water that really goes out of its way to make the case that Federal regulation is the best if not the only way to manage water quality for Canadians.
Small wonder that this group of devoutly "Progressive" thinkers wants to slam the government for supposed inaction and "failures"! According to the SLDF it is the Federal Governments job to oversee water quality and to regulate testing, reporting and management of resources and water treatment systems.

They hold up the Province of Ontario as an example of doing it right for their efforts in tightening up the reporting and management side of things for operators of water treatment plants. This is pure sophistry because all that Ontario did was create a morass of bureaucratic regulatory mandates that force all RESPONSIBILITY onto the operators and their immediate jurisdictions such as the local municipality.

I would refer back to my posting of August 14th of this year titled "Water Quality Fuss" where I clearly report the fact that Water Quality Standards in Canada are based on the Health Canada drinking water quality guidelines. ( link to the story below or click on the title above)
These quidelines are used by ALL Jusrisdictions as the bases for water quality and most Provincial guidelines do refer directly to the Health Canada standards.
What may not be obvious is that ALL the health and environment government types go to the same conferences and bring back notes on the same talking points and discussion forums.
For instance if one reads the US EPA's guidelines they would see that the Canadian regs or guidelines are virtually identical. This is no accident.
Further, in Canada resources are the domain of the Provinces and this includes water resources.
Health regulations are also the domain of Provinces and this includes drinking water Standards.

What is the SLDF suggesting ? That these provincial jurisdictions be usurped by Federal authorities and enforced through further bureaucratic imposition from the federal level.

The facts of the matter are that virtually every case of water system failure in Canada is directly attributable to the failure of the operators in charge to do their job.
Of course to a bunch of socialists who believe that only the nurse nanny state can be responsible for such things this concept of responsibility is completely foreign.

The SLDF wilfully misrepresents the state of your Water Safety and the role of government in that issue in order to justify their own political position and to further their own agenda.
Just another bunch of self important, tongue clucking and finger wagging scolds living off the foolhardy who donate to their effort, the unwitting public who unkowingly fund the group through public granting channels and (I suspect) the victims of their profit driven litigations!

By the way SLDF.........Who the hell ASKED you to grade our water services?

Thanks again to our MSM who are all over the story with full intention of using the falatious assertions of the SLDF to launch a campaign of accusation against the (conservative)


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

AT The Gates of Vienna

Something Unique..... A blogging group that tackles the issue of what can be done more than looking at what is wrong or what we don't like.
(the title is a link to the site)

""............Gates of Vienna’s mission statement requires it to do battle with the Great Islamic Jihad in the realm of ideas. ""

"".........We agree with Fjordman and many others that the Jihad is just a symptom, and that the enemy lies within. This war is a civil war within the West, between traditional Western culture and the forces of politically correct multicultural Marxism that have bedeviled it for the last hundred years. It is being fought in the back halls and cloisters of the culture, with untenured nobodies like me wielding a salad fork against the broadswords and maces of the fully-armored knights of the media and the academy.

Even so, there’s no doubt that the Emperor has no clothes. He struts up and down the esplanades of the culture with his full entourage, confident of his own splendor, but wearing his birthday suit.

Ours is the collective voice of the little boy in the crowd who dares to say, “The Emperor is naked.” It’s just not loud enough to be heard...............""

Take the Bull By The Horns!


Google boss warns politicians about Internet power?- Scary prospects from the Big Brother of Net business!

From Reuters today we have this interesting tidbit!


"LONDON (Reuters) - Imagine being able to check instantly whether or not statements made by politicians were correct. That is the sort of service Google Inc. boss Eric Schmidt believes the Internet will offer within five years.

Politicians have yet to appreciate the impact of the online world, which will also affect the outcome of elections, Schmidt said in an interview with the Financial Times published on Wednesday.

He predicted that "truth predictor" software would, within five years, "hold politicians to account." People would be able to use programmes to check seemingly factual statements against historical data to see to see if they were correct."

Marc at USS Neverdock thinks this is a problem because Google shows a definite anti-conservative inclination!

""Most of all Google's employees donated to Democratic candidates and Google regularly declines to list right wing blogs on Google news. Both Michelle Malkin and Charles Johnson (LGF) have been denied. While far left wing blogs like "screw them" Kos are listed.""

Really? I think I've heard this before but is it really the truth?

Maybe "Truth Checker" software applications will tell us! But what if the "Truth Checker" is selectively biased??


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

UN to "Forcefully " Maintain Peace! - Don't Count on it!

After basically telling the troops not to engage Hezbollah or interfere with them in any way we hear this today!

" BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - The UN peacekeeping force patrolling South Lebanon moved to strengthen its hold on the volatile region Tuesday, announcing it will "forcefully" act against any hostile activity or threat......"

And Remember!..........

UNIFIL first deployed to South Lebanon in 1978 to oversee the withdrawal of Israeli forces who invaded that year. Israel invaded again in 1982 and occupied a region until 2000, with the 2,000-member lightly armed peacekeeping force reduced to *monitoring and reporting violations by both sides* and helping deliver aid to civilians.

Numerous violations by Hezbollah went ignored or unreported. There were no violations by Israel..unless you count counter attacks against the terrorists!



Monday, October 02, 2006

Duke's Place - Great Quotes from Men Who Do not Suck!

Big Hat Tip to Duke McGoo!

"" ...How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.....""