Wednesday, October 04, 2006

AT The Gates of Vienna

Something Unique..... A blogging group that tackles the issue of what can be done more than looking at what is wrong or what we don't like.
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""............Gates of Vienna’s mission statement requires it to do battle with the Great Islamic Jihad in the realm of ideas. ""

"".........We agree with Fjordman and many others that the Jihad is just a symptom, and that the enemy lies within. This war is a civil war within the West, between traditional Western culture and the forces of politically correct multicultural Marxism that have bedeviled it for the last hundred years. It is being fought in the back halls and cloisters of the culture, with untenured nobodies like me wielding a salad fork against the broadswords and maces of the fully-armored knights of the media and the academy.

Even so, there’s no doubt that the Emperor has no clothes. He struts up and down the esplanades of the culture with his full entourage, confident of his own splendor, but wearing his birthday suit.

Ours is the collective voice of the little boy in the crowd who dares to say, “The Emperor is naked.” It’s just not loud enough to be heard...............""

Take the Bull By The Horns!



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