Tuesday, October 03, 2006

UN to "Forcefully " Maintain Peace! - Don't Count on it!

After basically telling the troops not to engage Hezbollah or interfere with them in any way we hear this today!

" BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - The UN peacekeeping force patrolling South Lebanon moved to strengthen its hold on the volatile region Tuesday, announcing it will "forcefully" act against any hostile activity or threat......"

And Remember!..........

UNIFIL first deployed to South Lebanon in 1978 to oversee the withdrawal of Israeli forces who invaded that year. Israel invaded again in 1982 and occupied a region until 2000, with the 2,000-member lightly armed peacekeeping force reduced to *monitoring and reporting violations by both sides* and helping deliver aid to civilians.

Numerous violations by Hezbollah went ignored or unreported. There were no violations by Israel..unless you count counter attacks against the terrorists!




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