Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Socialist Politics in California - State of Fear Enforced by Sacremento

Link to the article by Ray Haynes discussing how the business community in California is so cowed by the intransigent and igrained socialist ideologs of the state capital that they are afraid to "offend" by taking a pro- property rights initiative.

This worries me because of Californias role as a trend setter...what happens in California does not stay in California and we do not want to go down this path any further in our own country!

My favorite quote from the article: ........" Free markets require two basic components to work: freedom of contract and protection of private property rights. A society that chooses to take private property is either socialist, or traveling quickly down the road to socialism. The threat of losing a lifetime of work to the whim of an all-powerful government will often convince even the most principled person to forego his or her freedom of speech..............."

And more:

.............." They are afraid, they tell me, of retaliation from the government, if they don’t oppose the initiative. Local governments are telling business and developers that, if they don’t oppose Proposition 90, they will make their business lives miserable. They are being told that if they donate money, their projects will be fast tracked. However, if they don’t help, their projects will go into some sort of governmental purgatory, lost in the bowel of some regulatory or planning agency until the new temple is built in Jerusalem. I am told that they have to oppose us because they just can’t risk it."

So much for the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!!



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