Friday, October 06, 2006

Canadian Water Report Card is Pure BS From Leftwing Environmental Group

The Sierra Legal defense fund (
"... is a non-profit, charitable organization funded by public donations and foundations grants and currently has over 30,000 individual supporters across Canada...."

In a self serving attempt to garner attention for itself the left wing group at the SLDF has released a "Report Card" on Canadian Drinking Water that really goes out of its way to make the case that Federal regulation is the best if not the only way to manage water quality for Canadians.
Small wonder that this group of devoutly "Progressive" thinkers wants to slam the government for supposed inaction and "failures"! According to the SLDF it is the Federal Governments job to oversee water quality and to regulate testing, reporting and management of resources and water treatment systems.

They hold up the Province of Ontario as an example of doing it right for their efforts in tightening up the reporting and management side of things for operators of water treatment plants. This is pure sophistry because all that Ontario did was create a morass of bureaucratic regulatory mandates that force all RESPONSIBILITY onto the operators and their immediate jurisdictions such as the local municipality.

I would refer back to my posting of August 14th of this year titled "Water Quality Fuss" where I clearly report the fact that Water Quality Standards in Canada are based on the Health Canada drinking water quality guidelines. ( link to the story below or click on the title above)
These quidelines are used by ALL Jusrisdictions as the bases for water quality and most Provincial guidelines do refer directly to the Health Canada standards.
What may not be obvious is that ALL the health and environment government types go to the same conferences and bring back notes on the same talking points and discussion forums.
For instance if one reads the US EPA's guidelines they would see that the Canadian regs or guidelines are virtually identical. This is no accident.
Further, in Canada resources are the domain of the Provinces and this includes water resources.
Health regulations are also the domain of Provinces and this includes drinking water Standards.

What is the SLDF suggesting ? That these provincial jurisdictions be usurped by Federal authorities and enforced through further bureaucratic imposition from the federal level.

The facts of the matter are that virtually every case of water system failure in Canada is directly attributable to the failure of the operators in charge to do their job.
Of course to a bunch of socialists who believe that only the nurse nanny state can be responsible for such things this concept of responsibility is completely foreign.

The SLDF wilfully misrepresents the state of your Water Safety and the role of government in that issue in order to justify their own political position and to further their own agenda.
Just another bunch of self important, tongue clucking and finger wagging scolds living off the foolhardy who donate to their effort, the unwitting public who unkowingly fund the group through public granting channels and (I suspect) the victims of their profit driven litigations!

By the way SLDF.........Who the hell ASKED you to grade our water services?

Thanks again to our MSM who are all over the story with full intention of using the falatious assertions of the SLDF to launch a campaign of accusation against the (conservative)



Blogger Budd Campbell said...

I haven't read the Sierra Report, and clearly neither have you, so don't bother pretending you have. I just want to know, is this posting intended to be taken seriously?

Provinces have jurisdiction over resources, but what happens when a river flows from one province into another? Who has jurisdiction then?

Your attempt to picture a world of water system operators on the one hand and bureaucracies on the other is ridiculous. Water systems are bureaucracies as you well know, ... perhaps you want them privatized? They will stil be bureaucracies, they'll just be corporate not government bureaucracies. There are some big international water companies that run systems all over the world, so perhaps that's what you're aiming for here in Canada.

10/07/2006 2:14 a.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

BC - Yes I did and all of it.
I read before I post and I learn before I speak.
Apparently you do not. And either have not read my post or are incapable of understanding my point.

10/11/2006 7:33 p.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

Also...this story has apparently died in the MSM.
No traction or maybe just upstaged by other events.

10/11/2006 7:35 p.m.  

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