Monday, October 30, 2006

Canada / Ontario - Mexico / Oaxaca : Notice the similarities?

I borrowed this from a CP story today..... I also took the liberty of editing out much of the highperbole and passive voice editorializing from the CP source.

Today In Oaxaca, Mexico Thousands of protesters were driven from the city centre by federal police after months of paralyzing demonstrations vowed to retake the main plaza on today while strike-weary residents plead for a return to life as usual.

The protests which began as a teacher's strike spiraled into chaos as anarchists, students and Indian groups seized the central plaza and barricaded streets throughout the city.
Note the usual bunch of protest junkies and general shitstain activists!

"Fight, fight, fight! Don't stop fighting!" the protesters chanted before arriving at the central main plaza (Zocalo) carrying anti-government banners.

What else were they carrying mister reporter?

Facing off with columns of police who blocked their access to the square, the demonstrators screamed "Murderers! Murderers!" but did not attempt to break through.

"Let them stay," said housewife Edith Mendoza of the police. "We were held hostage for five months."

Hmmmm! Sounds a bit familiar!

"The city resembled a battleground early Monday, its streets littered with charred cars and lines of federal police blocking entrances to the Zocalo." According to CP.

Inside the central plaza, guarded by hundreds of uniformed police in riot gear and manning water cannons, workers worked to remove and paint over graffiti, rip down banners and clean up tons of accumulated trash. The plaza, which was covered with protest banners and graffiti during the demonstrations, has already been restored to its original state.

Police and state forces, often in plainclothes, have supposedly shot at protesters, setting off clashes in which at least eight people have died.

The federal government indicated that it had no intention of letting the protesters take back the city. Interior Secretary Carlos Abascal said the federal forces would stay until order had been established.

One could only hope that we could accomplish this in Canada!

President Vicente Fox said "today in Oaxaca social order and peace has been restored."

The federal government's decision to send forces into Oaxaca came after teachers agreed to return to work by Monday, ending a strike that kept 1.3 million children out of classes across the southern state.

Fox had supposedly resisted repeated calls to send federal forces to Oaxaca until Saturday, a day after gunfire killed a U.S. activist-journalist and two residents.

Really ! What substantiation is there for this claim? And if true what provoked the shooting?

The demonstrators said Monday they hoped to attract other sectors of society, mainly the state's restive Indian population, to join their fight.

Sound familiar??

"The government is angering the other regions and they are going to come and that way they won't stop us," said Flora Gutierrez, a university student who was among protesters.

University Student...apparently majoring in being a socialist asswipe!

Protesters also pointed out that while police controlled the Zocalo, the demonstrators were still in charge of other areas of the city, where they erected additional barricades made of trash and vehicles. And claim to have erected more than 3,000 barricades in the working-class neighbourhoods!

Yep! "In Charge" of mayhem and destruction like a bunch of drunken hooligans.

Teachers union leader Enrique Rueda told The Associated Press that no students had returned to class in the capital on Monday, although some had in cities and towns outside of Oaxaca City.

"We are not willing to go back (to work) until we get written guarantees" for teachers' safety, said Daniel Reyes a striking teacher.

Protection from who? I wonder......the leftist shitstains who are the real problem?

During the strike, some dissident teachers tried to open schools, and parents armed with sticks and pipes fought off protesters who tried to keep children from entering.

SO who really cares about education? Teachers, leftist shitstains? Nope just parents who are willing to risk serious harm to fight for their kids.

Public Safety Secretary Eduardo Medina Mora said seven police were injured in the weekend clashes. A few were hit by gasoline bombs thrown by protesters.

Give peace a chance eh??

Protesters claimed two of their own were killed, but federal authorities said they could not confirm that.

Want to bet it wasn't the federales who killed them? If they were killed that is!



Blogger Aloha_50 said...

You are very insightful in your analyses. Although, at times, the 1 picture = 1,000 words seems to work well. Thinking of the Ted Baxter post. Very appropriate.

11/01/2006 9:14 p.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

Thanks.....That was a fortuitous find.

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