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To Our National Broadcasters

You are ALL no better than this!


The 910 Group - Resisting Islamic Fascism At the New Gates of Vienna

Is it Alarmist Nonsense Or paranoia? Or is it "Islamophobia"?
Maybe It Is Just a Realist view of the world!
The Coalition to Preserve Civilization is the topic at The Gates of Vienna:

From The Gates of Vienna

The Coalition to Preserve Civilization

by Baron Bodissey

"The Great Islamic Jihad is certain that Western Civilization is about to come to an end.

Islamic Fascism looks forward to the rule of the new Caliphate, in which the whole world will swear submission to Allah and bow five times a day towards Mecca. It aims to kill or enslave every person who will not accept its twisted vision of Islam. With the help of its allies among the world’s dictators and within our own media, it is confident that it will achieve its goal...."

You decide what this is all about......but take the time to read what they have to say.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Law and Disorder - Our Smug supporters of In-Justice

I just came across this piece of news from Canada's COU....

Apparently a young college hockey player from Vermont named Michael Serba was in Toronto for the US Thanksgiving weekend. Friday night he went to a bar where he was attacked on leaving.
It seems that a local POS named Nicholas Crowdis used a brick to cave in young Michael's head which put him in the hospital on life support until Tuesday when he expired from the head injuries.

Police say the attempted murder charge against the 22-year-old Crowdis of Toronto is expected to be upgraded at his next court appearance Dec. 4.

Now this is just one incident in what seems to be an unending story of crass violence that occurs in our metropolitan centres. Nothing out of the ordinary in the big picture of modern urban life. Although I'm sure that there are many smugly secure Torontonians who have yet to experience an unprovoked violent incident I also know that there are good people in the city who are aghast at these events. "So what?", you may ask.

Well, here's the thing.....some of those good people are still firmly convinced that our justice system and its lenient dealing with even violent crime have no bearing on whether these kinds of incidents happen. And apparently as numerous polls have told us, a Majority of the citizens there deem such things as stricter sentencing inappropriate and unnecessary.

I tend to think that these are the same bunch who smugly assert that the gun registry is a success and a valuable tool in crime prevention. I also believe that this group are probably the strongest opponents of a death penalty. Of course the argument tends to be that reformation is always the best option.

The trouble is that Reformation has never been shown to be achievable when dealing with violent criminals.
Someone who uses a brick or a bat or whatever implement comes to hand in an altercation is NOT going to be reformed under any circumstances. They will repeat the same behaviour again if they are put in a similar situation and that is Unacceptable.
Unless you are going to endorse or rather employ lobotomization or chemical personality modification.....long term incarceration or execution are the ONLY methods that will ensure that cowardly, violent pieces of shit will be kept in check.

Unfortunately, we have the justice system that we have and it is likely that even with a murder conviction Nicky Crowdis will be in jail for less than five years.

Do you call that justice?

I don't!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A New Blogging Find - and Friend

Check out these posts....

SelectivE SensitivitY SyndromE

On the topic of World Class Hypocrite Jesse Jackson and his effort to bully TV networks into bowdlerizing their material.....An excerpt: The self proclaimed “Reverend” who can say “Hymietown” with impunity, because heck, that only offends Jews. And you know Jews, they never car swarm or riot now do they?................"

Brigitte Gabriel, a Light.

A "youtube" clip of a very interesting lady..................................



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Because We CAN!


Friday, November 24, 2006

Just Because..........................


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Quebec --- A Nation Within? - I Don't think so...

Simple question: Is Quebec (The Province) a Nation Within the Nation of Canada?


Are we suffering the effects of Balkanism in our own country?

I'm leaning toward the Balkanism idea......a region torn apart by petty intransigent groups from within.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Put That Tinfoil Hat Back On Pal! - More unbeleivable stupidity from 'Murica

Sometimes CP gets an interesting tidbit.....

WASHINGTON (CP) - A U.S. legislator who backs tough anti-immigrant measures and more security at the Canada-U.S. border is warning Americans that President George W. Bush is plotting to integrate the continent.


- His name is Tom Tancredo and he's from Colorado and he's a Republican

- PM Harper Buys into this and may be collaborating

- Bush is a "Dangerous Internationalist"

- North American union, it's not something that's just written about by right-wing fringe kooks"

- Tancredo wants to run for president in 2008

Word of advice to US republicans...Grow Up....Get Serious and get rid of these flakes.

It's the only way your going to get those goddamned Democrats OUT of office.

Guy's like Tancredo make Hillary Clinton look like a freeking genius and almost like a normal person! As in not freekin insane!!!!


To Hell In A Handbasket - Redux

Click on the Tittle or the link

I am seldom surprised by the depths of petty jealousy and overt incompetence displayed by bureaucrats except for two general areas ...One Is Military bullshit which always seems to find new limits to test..the other is in Policing and Public safety because of the real and immediate harm that law enforcement / justice officials do to the very people they are sworn to protect.

Well this piece from the Phoenix Arizona paper Phoenix New Times exposes such a blatant abuse and abdication by Federal agencies ( Immigration & Customs Enforcement or ICE).
The incompetence the bureaucratic ASS COVERING and the childish petulance displayed by ICE officials is IMO..... CRIMINAL....somebody on the taxpayers payroll needs to be FIRED as of yesterday for this!!!!!

I would love put the toe of my size ten caterpillar workboot right in the crotch of that whole bunch from Scottsdale's ICE office.

BTW - nice touch with the rotten fish from the State investigators! ;)

File this under : "The People Who NEED a swift kick in the Crotch" with H/T to USS Neverdock!


ToHell! - In A Handbasket

Another 'heartwarming' story from 'Eurabia' or rather 'Scandirabia' !

From the Gates Of Vienna Blog comes the report of an 'Interview with a Swedish Policeman'...

A quote : “As a cop, you see the consequences of the decisions taken by the politicians in a very concrete way. Sweden’s immigration policy is basically a total failure. Moreover, this experiment costs enormous amounts of money each year. Politicians now try to fumble and tinker around retroactively with different ideas and measures. But it is obvious to every thinking human being that things are about to go to hell "— said in plain speech........

Sound Familiar?


Monday, November 20, 2006

The End of The World as We Know It!

I was not going to spend any time on the blogs today but took a break and a breather...I peeked in at the Broom and what did I find.................?

Hit the Title above or the link below to see how we are creeping ever closer to the end of the world......It's not going to be pretty!

Unless we summon the guts and the determination to not only resist these socialist assholes but to get rid of them by keeping them out of public office we are seriously screwed.

Teach your kids to think for themselves! ( Unless you WANT them to be a new generation of Sheep!)


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The Old Reading List -

Link to the old one......
I'm looking for some new stuff:

Mark Steyn is on for this month.


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Friday Night Blues and Beer - Groovin at The Broom



This Should be My New Blues Tool

Swamp Ash Special

Paul Reed Smith Guitars - Swamp Ash Special

A tone monster guitar and a real players instrument- not cheap but Oh Man! Does it play!


Just Deserts........

Just Because !



More Environmental Huksterism!

With a Hat Tip to Lisa at the Broom.....

As a controversial topic for discussion Paul J. Crutzen, Nobel Laureate and theoretical Scientist has suggested that Man Made Countermeasures to Greenhouse Gases could be taken.
Specifically that large amounts of SO2 could be flung into the upper atmosphere to create a sunscreen that would reduce earth warming!
Now, I think you just have to take stuff like this with a grain of salt and expect maybe that Dr. Crutzen has his tongue stuck just a little bit in his cheek............and maybe seeking a little attention since his hayday was some time around ten years ago!

But you know how it is with the howling monkey types who are hanging around the carrion stench of rancid bureaucrat flesh at the UN Conference on climate change!'s what I posted over at the Broom in response to this!

.............Seems like just further evidence that all the “Experts” combined don’t actually KNOW anything.
Theories are only ideas that have not been proven and it does not matter one bit that there are countless contradictory ideas on any subject. It’s only politicians and other forms of self serving jackasses that jump on the bandwagons of pop-science and go out banging drums and blowing horns. Like so many acolytes of a bible belt traveling tent evangelical show or the side men for the snake oil salesmen of another century these clowns are just part of the show and anyone who gives them credence is just another sucker.

The best summary of the global climate discussion was provided by a geological physicist back in the 70’s when the Pop-Sci fad of the day was “The Imminent New Ice Age” …..He said that by all geological evidence the earth has been in a stable period for the last 1000 years and especially in the last 200 like No Other period in the entire life of the planet!
ALL evidence shows that in all other periods weather patterns have been extreme and extremely variable. There is NO REASON to expect this period of tranquility to continue indefinitely.
Further that the contributions of man made impacts on the environment MAY be measurable BUT certainly not significant enough to determine their global or long term effect.
For example…the movement of the tectonic plates over a period of years as short as a century may create changes in tidal patterns, ocean currents and large weather patterns that are several orders of magnitude greater than the effect of all the man made contributions to the environment.

In short all the doomsday theorists ARE full of shit…until they can show otherwise!

As for the environmentalist stump preachers and their hoards of initiates….they might as well hold naked Stone Worship rituals by the full moon ….come to think of it maybe that’s where they are trying to take us!



Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stupid Wireless Headsets - Ban the StarTrek Props

Please sign the petition to object to the flaunting of these ridiculous gadgets......
h/t to Warren K.


Filed Under - Know Your Enemy

h/t to ...........
There is a website www.ctc.usma.ctu that is the product of the US Military Academy.

Where they actually talk about FACTS regarding threats like terrorist ideology.
Tom Cerber makes us a present of the link.
Thanks Tom


In Related Matters.... US Surrender Monkeys Climbing the Bars!

Excerpt from CP reports:

""......WASHINGTON (CP) - Democrats flush with electoral success began pushing hard Wednesday for a phased redeployment of American troops from Iraq within months, but the top U.S. commander in the Middle East said it would be a costly mistake.

But Senator Carl Levin, who will head the Armed Services Committee when Democrats take over in January, demanded Americans start coming home within that time frame.

"We cannot save the Iraqis from themselves. The only way for Iraqi leaders to squarely face that reality is for President (George W.) Bush to tell them that the United States will begin a phased redeployment of our forces within four to six months."........""




Canadians of Convenience - h/t to the Broom ShereKhan

I was following this story with a mixture of resignation and dismay.
Over 2400 New passports Granted in Lebanese Crises...

Resignation in that I fully expected a report to show that there were a lot of passports rushed through. Dismay at the fact that there seems to be little political will to make the kind of changes that Canadians deserve.

The decades of effort to buy political support and implement social engineering through immigration policies and manipulation by those damned Liberals has created a host of problems that Honest Canadian citizens must to deal with. Things have gone well past the point 'we should do something'. We are facing risks that demand decision and action NOW.

While idiots like Jack Layton dance around proclaiming that Canadians want more of the same old socialist BS. While the pack of thieves from the Liberal Party of Canada perform their incestuous ritual of leadership selection. While the separatists from Quebec continue to behave like a pack of spoiled and selfish children. While bureaucrats and public employees continue to earn the contempt of the Canadian taxpayer instead of earning their pay. While law enforcement and justice officials remain either tied to liberal policies or willfully neglect the public safety. While the corrupt and incompetent Mass Media continue to press their own politics and abuses of fact as self proclaimed arbiters of public opinion.

We the Citizens of Canada are faced with an unending series of abuses from every corner including the opportunistic and outright hostile forces of foreign cultures.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Here's What to Expect from the New US Congress

In case you had any ideas that our southern neighbours are getting better government in any way shape or form as a result of the recent midterm elections.....think again!

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington are a very optimistic and determined bunch!
Here's what they have to say.......

"Future House Speaker Pelosi's endorsement of Rep. Murtha, one of the most unethical members of Congress, shows that she may have prioritized ethics reform merely to win votes with no real commitment to changing the culture of corruption. How can Americans believe that the Democrats will return integrity to the House when future Speaker Pelosi has endorsed an ethically-challenged member for a leadership position? Rep. Murtha is the wrong choice for this job."

Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW .



Monday, November 13, 2006

Liberal Senators Entitled Just Like Liberal Bureaucrats

Back to our war against the culture of entitlement.
The motion came after Conservative Marjory LeBreton, the government leader in the Senate, admitted that one of her staff members looked into the cost of the defence committee's trip to Dubai in early September.

Well now the Liberal trough hogs in our Senate want to claim that they are victims of 'Spying'!

In a motion to be tabled Tuesday, Alberta Liberal Senator Tommy Banks will ask colleagues at a committee that regulates the Senate to debate whether it's appropriate for taxpayer-funded staff in one senator's office to "check up" on the activities of other members.

The debate over the $138,000 trip has divided the usually sedate chamber of sober second thought, raising the level of partisan rancour. Last week, the senate committee overseeing budgets voted 12-1 to dismiss a complaint from Manitoba Conservative Senator Terry Stratton that fact-finding mission was a flagrant waste of taxpayer's money.

When the final bill for the trip surfaced in the media, Liberal Colin Kenny, chairman of the defence committee, accused the prime minister's office of trying to smear not only the committee's investigation of foreign affairs spending in Afghanistan, but the Senate as a whole.

So not only do these guys think they are entitled to spend our money however they see fit. Just like the rest of the gang they get really upset about being called to task for it. Familiar strategy for the Lie-berals ...Attack your challenger!

Well bring it on I say! You pompous gasbags are going to rue the day you attack the Canadian taxpayers for calling your spendthrift habits into question.

The Liberals, are trying to "change the channel" on their decision to go ahead with the trip even though they knew before they left Canada that the military had declined to let them go into Afghanistan - the most important leg of the trip.

Ever since Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced modest reforms to the upper chamber, including term limits. The old boys for the 'Upper Trough' are getting increasingly testy.

The government is also rightfully complaining over Senate amendments to the Accountability Act! Maybe as PM Harper has suggested we should fight an election over Senate obstructionism.

"We're trying to get things done," said Senator Stratton, who set off the expense debate.

The Liberals, are making outrageous allegations because it's first time in a long time that they've been out of government.

They don't like it and feel their entitlements are under threat!

What Kenny did was a classic example of , 'I'm entitled to this, therefore I'm going to go ahead and do it'.

Pictures of Dubai resorts below:

Not tooo shabby? Eh! I think I could kill a week there without too much stress!


Another "Study" Proves that most Canadians Are Too Soft To Survive

A Canadian Press report today takes findings of yet another study out of context to promote their own Lib / Left world view...

Sans the CP Hyperbole here is the outline:

A group (unspecified) at Queens University conducted a study which included questions about anti-terrorism.

A little less than half of Canadians say they find laws enacted since the 9-11 terror attacks in the U.S. to be intrusive.

Based on what exactly? Have these respondents been intruded on? If so then How? I wonder.

Apparently a larger percentage of Americans than Canadians feel the same.

Let's see the numbers and the facts to back that one up.

In other findings, two-thirds of Canadian respondents said they were worried about providing personal information on websites.

So what?

Close to 60% of Canadians rejected racial profiling at airports for security purposes.

Oh really? Again show us the questions you asked and the demographics of the test.

If this is true however we are in deep trouble as a society. 2/3 of Canadians think that racial profiling at airports is a bad idea? Who the hell do they think ALL of the 9/11 hijackers were?

Only one-third of Americans objected.

Well if this is true maybe there is some hope for the USA after all!

To some it up ....if you believe that the poll was unbiased and scientific and that the results as reported are contextually accurate ....then Canadians are twice as likely to turn a blind eye to potential threats and are only a little less paranoid about our own government and law enforcement agencies.

I think we need a poll that takes MOONBATS out of the picture.


In Other news today.....Self Appointed "Man of The People" and big time media hound Garth Turner gets press about his big "Mistery Announcement" scheduled for tomorrow! Garth's staging of the non-event has generated some interest in the MSM it seems.......spin away you yo yos!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Just Because......

Hollywood stars: Gina GershonHollywood stars: Gina Gershon

Senate Trough Hogs Circle the Wagons

Pictures from dubaitourism .ae

Remember.... the bunch of Liberal Senators who decided to take little trip to Afghanistan at our expense? They were told not to go by the military. They decided to go anyway and ended up spending a week or so Dubai instead!

You know Dubai AKA the Las Vegas of the Arabian Peninsula!

Well the fellow who outed them was Conservative Senator and government whip in the Senate Terry Stratton.

Now a committee tasked to look into the charges of misuse of funds has decided that They Did Nothing Wrong ....ahem! Yeah Right Boys you can be trusted to police yourselves....sure!

The Senate committee on internal economy, budgets and administration, which oversees business in the upper chamber, voted 12-1 on Thursday to clear Kenny and his committee of the allegations.

Move along folks nothing to see here!

Further ...Liberal Senator Colin Kenny said that Manitoba Conservative Terry Stratton should at least apologize and at most lose his position as government whip in the Senate.

Mr. Kenny ...You Owe me and every other Canadian Citizen an apology! You pompous self important gasbag. Do the right thing and remove yourself from the public trough..get your sticky fingers out of our pockets and do not set foot on our doorsteps again.

The lone dissenting vote came from Stratton, who had lodged the complaint in the first place.

Thanks for trying anyway Mr. Stratton! Your classmates are all overdue for a good spanking!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Are You Sick and Tired of Politicians Playing Games with Public Safety?

Since Stats Can released figures on crime rates and violence for the last year politicians of all stripes have been making the case for their own ideological position on crime and gun control.

Justice Minister Vic Toews points to the stats and says this is more evidence of why we need to get serious about dealing with criminals.

Of course Liberals and Dippers think that everything is just fine because we had higher rates 30 years ago.

National Homicide Rate for 2005 - 2.04 per 100,000 ( up approx 5%)
National Homicide Rate for 2004 - 1.95 per 100k
National Homicide Rate for 1978 - 3.3 per 100k

For 2005 there were 658 reported homicides
For 2004 there were 624........

For 2005 222 gun use homicides ( Up approx. 28%)
For 2004 173...............

Most of the increase in deaths was driven by a jump in gang-related homicides.

Ontario and Alberta led the provinces in gang related gun deaths.

Gang related homicides that were gang related for 2005 - 107 ( 70 gun use)

Gang related homicides for 2004 - 72 ( 47 gun use)

Percentage of recovered firearms used in homicides that were registered 17.

Percentage of recovered firearms used in homicides that were NOT registered 83.

So why would anyone in their right mind oppose stiffening penalties for crimes involving the use of firearms?

And why would anyone continue to argue that the shotguns and rifles owned by honest and law abiding Canadians are the cause of crime?

At the same time, why are Canadian judges weakening the very laws that were intended to allow our police forces and prosecutors to break up gang activity?

Could it be because certain groups of academics and researchers like to promote the idea that historical crime and violence rates are trending lower?

Could it be because the bleeding heart and nurse nanny bunch continue to promote the idea that criminals are just misunderstood and unfortunate souls who can be redirected with the right amount of love and care?

Could it be because certain types think that social programs and lots of financial support will keep criminals from developing by making the lives of life's losers more pallatable?

Could it be that a bunch of socialists are still beating the drum to the chant of 'Economic disparity is the great evil and the cause of all injustice!'?

***Here's a quote from McMaster U's Martin Daly ( Prof. Psych):

"The way you bring the homicide rate down is by having more social services and more redistributive policies. We know that within Canada, we know that over time, we know it in cross-national studies." ***

National statistics show changes in the use of firearms in recent years.

Before to 1991, rifles or shotguns were used far more frequently than handguns, but the proportions have since reversed themselves. The number of homicides committed with a handgun has increased in six of the last seven years.

In 2005, handguns accounted for almost six in 10 firearm homicides, compared to one in four that involved rifles and shotguns.

The StatsCan numbers show that murderers rarely get away with it. In the first detailed analysis of homicide clearance rates among the nation's largest police services, the Statistics Canada report found that 85 per cent of the 24,000 homicides committed since 1961 were solved.

How many of the convicted murderers end up back on the streets to repeat their behaviour?

Regardless of how you interpret the numbers there is one thing glaringly obvious and that is that weak laws and compassionate sentencing are NOT helping.
Criminals and especially murderers have committed crimes against society! Their immediate victims are the greatest sufferers but we as a society deserve that a price be paid by the perpetrators. The price needs to be commensurate with the damage done and that means the criminals need to be made to feel the pain!
Stop trying to make society bear the blame because it's the individual who commits the Crime that has to be held responsible. Having a 'Tough Life' is no damned excuse for resorting to crime.

Criminals that are in jail are not on the streets committing crimes and that suits me just fine.

Our Leaders owe it to Us.... the Law Abiding and Tax Paying make criminals PAY for their crimes.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mr. Grapes Goes to Ottawa

Grapes showed up at the house of commons today...Liberals and complained and Bloc Booed!
I like Don Cherry all the better for that!

Hockey commentator Don Cherry gives a thumbs-up after talking with reporters outside the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Ont. Tuesday. (CPimages/Tom Hanson)

H/T to CPress

Monday, November 06, 2006

Public Insurance Initiates Campaign of Threats To Vehicle Owners

Here in Manitoba we have a Crown Corporation that enjoys a monopoly in the provision of automobile insurance.

Manitoba Public Insurance or Autopac has a problem with the costs of car theft and wants us car owners to know that it's Our Fault.
Never mind that the reason Manitoba and particularly Winnipeg has the highest rate of car theft in Canada has everything to do with the Youth Justice Act and the Revolving Door justice system where multiple repeat offenders are continually put back on the street. Our public insurer has decided that if those of us who wish to own vehicles that happen to be popular with car thieves do not cooperate with their bureaucratic initiatives we are going to be held accountable.

In the letter I received today from MPI they go to great lengths to inform me that I am guilty of increasing my own chances of losing my vehicle to thieves. Why is that?
Apparently because I have chosen not to purchase a government subsidized electronic immobilizer and according to MPI 29,000 others have, my vehicle is now in greater demand with thieves. According to MPI my chances of having my vehicle stolen have improved from some unspecified percentage to a whopping 1 in 13 chance! By this logic every time someone does not buy a lottery ticket those who do have a better chance of winning! Absolute rubbish!

Never mind the unsubstantiated statistics being bandied about by the insurer. Just what leap of logic proves that the thieves have any way of targeting me as opposed to me neighbour?

Never mind that the immobilizer program is VOLUNTARY!

They go on to say that my vehicle costs them $200 more than what they are paying out in claims! How is that? Apparently the logic is that because thieves tend to like my vehicle it's MY fault that auto thefts are UP! And the only solution is for me to submit to the will of the bureaucrats and install the immobilizer!
Either that or of course they will be "Forced" to request higher rates from the regulators to cover their costs from increased auto thefts!

I suspect that this has more to do with the fact that in spite of the much touted Immobilizer program and the supposed 29,000 vehicles now "protected' that theft rates continue to climb and Autopac costs continue to soar.

Well here is my answer to you Dave Chomiak the minister responsible for MPI and just coincidently the Justice Minister. Also, to the bureaucratic bullies that have the nerve to use their position to attempt to coerce vehicle owners into compliance with a voluntary program.

I have insured my vehicle as required by law.
I have chosen not to partake in a voluntary program for reasons of my own.
These reasons as stated are My Own and therefore none of your damned business!
I do not care that MPI is subsidizing the installation even if it's 100%.

If you want to put a dent in your costs at MPI start taking a look at your spendthrift policies on repairs.

If you want to put a dent in the number of vehicles stolen Mr. Chomiak start by keeping thieves In Jail.
A thief that is in prison is not out on the street stealing cars.

You have no business threatening vehicle owners with punitive premiums.

There will be more to come on this matter.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Back To Oaxaca - Communist Insurgents on The Job

Darcey at DMB gathers info on the Shit Disturbers in Southern Mexico...Some commenters add to the background in this interesting post:

....."President Vicente Fox sent in the troops this past weekend to clean up leftist violence in Oaxaca City, Mexico. The situation there has had the effect of riling up the “solidarity” movement throughout the world including here in Canada.

In developing stories coming from the Mexican press we are seeing a Hugo Chavez/Bolivarian connection. It seems they have been helping the rebels............."

And The Beat Goes On!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trough Hog UN Bureaucrats Want to Control Internet

In todays news I read that " Experts at a UN forum on Internet governance have warned that the predominant use of English on the worldwide web needs to be checked before it crowds out other languages."

Ominous shit.....but considering the incompetence of the trough hog gang not likely to happen.

One more reason to cheer for GW Bush and his team of UN busters Led by John Bolton.


Screwing With Income Trusts

Call Me Grumpy Today!

I was not happy when Ralph Goodale and Paul Martin tried to pull this stunt and I am not happy now that Jim Flaherty and Stephen Harper have pulled it.

I'm not surprised that when Harper's team did it that they managed to do so without tipping off the insiders on Bay street but I'm still not happy about the fact that My Life savings just took a big and unnecessary hit.
At least I have some resources to take advantage of today's lemmings that dove off the edge of the world but a lot of folks are not going to recover what they lost least not for a long time.
For those folks who don't have a long time? Well you figure that out.