Friday, November 17, 2006

More Environmental Huksterism!

With a Hat Tip to Lisa at the Broom.....

As a controversial topic for discussion Paul J. Crutzen, Nobel Laureate and theoretical Scientist has suggested that Man Made Countermeasures to Greenhouse Gases could be taken.
Specifically that large amounts of SO2 could be flung into the upper atmosphere to create a sunscreen that would reduce earth warming!
Now, I think you just have to take stuff like this with a grain of salt and expect maybe that Dr. Crutzen has his tongue stuck just a little bit in his cheek............and maybe seeking a little attention since his hayday was some time around ten years ago!

But you know how it is with the howling monkey types who are hanging around the carrion stench of rancid bureaucrat flesh at the UN Conference on climate change!'s what I posted over at the Broom in response to this!

.............Seems like just further evidence that all the “Experts” combined don’t actually KNOW anything.
Theories are only ideas that have not been proven and it does not matter one bit that there are countless contradictory ideas on any subject. It’s only politicians and other forms of self serving jackasses that jump on the bandwagons of pop-science and go out banging drums and blowing horns. Like so many acolytes of a bible belt traveling tent evangelical show or the side men for the snake oil salesmen of another century these clowns are just part of the show and anyone who gives them credence is just another sucker.

The best summary of the global climate discussion was provided by a geological physicist back in the 70’s when the Pop-Sci fad of the day was “The Imminent New Ice Age” …..He said that by all geological evidence the earth has been in a stable period for the last 1000 years and especially in the last 200 like No Other period in the entire life of the planet!
ALL evidence shows that in all other periods weather patterns have been extreme and extremely variable. There is NO REASON to expect this period of tranquility to continue indefinitely.
Further that the contributions of man made impacts on the environment MAY be measurable BUT certainly not significant enough to determine their global or long term effect.
For example…the movement of the tectonic plates over a period of years as short as a century may create changes in tidal patterns, ocean currents and large weather patterns that are several orders of magnitude greater than the effect of all the man made contributions to the environment.

In short all the doomsday theorists ARE full of shit…until they can show otherwise!

As for the environmentalist stump preachers and their hoards of initiates….they might as well hold naked Stone Worship rituals by the full moon ….come to think of it maybe that’s where they are trying to take us!




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