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A Reading List for The Critical Thinker

Must Read Books for Development of Critical Thinking

Put these three books together and you will have the tools to understand and deal with the forces in our world which are constantly working to capture our attention or alter our perceptions and point of view on every aspect of life. If you would learn to rise above the babble of day to day events then these books are for you. If you would have your children learn to deal with manipulation then read them and use them to educate your children. I would recommend these books to secondary school sophomores and up. All three books demonstrate how to take apart complex issues, analyse the root causes and overall effects. Beyond being practical demonstrations of intelligent analysis they are filled with thought provoking insight and information.
Not recommended for those who would live like sheep.

1- The Hidden Persuaders,

Author: Packard, Vance

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd, 1991

This book looks at the application of psychology in mass media marketing.

Taking a look at the hooks and prods that are applied to the psyche of the individual in our society. Should be a primer for every school child on how to recognize manipulation and how to deal with attempts to manipulate them.

2- Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky and the Media

Author: Noam Chomsky/ Mark Achbar

Publisher: Black Rose Books

This book looks at the work of Noam Chomsky and an analysis of bias in mass media, mainstream media and the effects of bias. Why is there so little effort to present balanced and complete information? What are the ramifications?

3- Culture of Complaint, The Fraying of America

Author : Hughes, Robert
Publisher: Havill Press 1999, Oxford University Press 1993

Food for thought and enlightening POV on culture in North America.

This book looks at how media has polarized America and how the general move toward specialization and away from solid foundations of core values has left a weakened and shallow society. Although the author wanders around some diverse areas the book is very enlightening.


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