Monday, November 13, 2006

Liberal Senators Entitled Just Like Liberal Bureaucrats

Back to our war against the culture of entitlement.
The motion came after Conservative Marjory LeBreton, the government leader in the Senate, admitted that one of her staff members looked into the cost of the defence committee's trip to Dubai in early September.

Well now the Liberal trough hogs in our Senate want to claim that they are victims of 'Spying'!

In a motion to be tabled Tuesday, Alberta Liberal Senator Tommy Banks will ask colleagues at a committee that regulates the Senate to debate whether it's appropriate for taxpayer-funded staff in one senator's office to "check up" on the activities of other members.

The debate over the $138,000 trip has divided the usually sedate chamber of sober second thought, raising the level of partisan rancour. Last week, the senate committee overseeing budgets voted 12-1 to dismiss a complaint from Manitoba Conservative Senator Terry Stratton that fact-finding mission was a flagrant waste of taxpayer's money.

When the final bill for the trip surfaced in the media, Liberal Colin Kenny, chairman of the defence committee, accused the prime minister's office of trying to smear not only the committee's investigation of foreign affairs spending in Afghanistan, but the Senate as a whole.

So not only do these guys think they are entitled to spend our money however they see fit. Just like the rest of the gang they get really upset about being called to task for it. Familiar strategy for the Lie-berals ...Attack your challenger!

Well bring it on I say! You pompous gasbags are going to rue the day you attack the Canadian taxpayers for calling your spendthrift habits into question.

The Liberals, are trying to "change the channel" on their decision to go ahead with the trip even though they knew before they left Canada that the military had declined to let them go into Afghanistan - the most important leg of the trip.

Ever since Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced modest reforms to the upper chamber, including term limits. The old boys for the 'Upper Trough' are getting increasingly testy.

The government is also rightfully complaining over Senate amendments to the Accountability Act! Maybe as PM Harper has suggested we should fight an election over Senate obstructionism.

"We're trying to get things done," said Senator Stratton, who set off the expense debate.

The Liberals, are making outrageous allegations because it's first time in a long time that they've been out of government.

They don't like it and feel their entitlements are under threat!

What Kenny did was a classic example of , 'I'm entitled to this, therefore I'm going to go ahead and do it'.

Pictures of Dubai resorts below:

Not tooo shabby? Eh! I think I could kill a week there without too much stress!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could probably kill two or three weeks there without much stress. Especially if I knew that you were footing the bill for me.

You would think the Liberals would at least have the humility to say thank you to the Canadian taxpayer, instead of demanding more all the time.

Jason - Musing - (don't have a blogger account)

11/14/2006 7:18 a.m.  
Blogger PGP said...

Thanks Jason I agree completely.
If you watch how the media is spinning this you'll see that they are going along with the liberal line that they are victims of Tory abuses...spying and such.
Seems that the bugs don;t like having the light of public scrutiny shine upon them!

11/14/2006 11:55 a.m.  

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