Friday, November 10, 2006

Senate Trough Hogs Circle the Wagons

Pictures from dubaitourism .ae

Remember.... the bunch of Liberal Senators who decided to take little trip to Afghanistan at our expense? They were told not to go by the military. They decided to go anyway and ended up spending a week or so Dubai instead!

You know Dubai AKA the Las Vegas of the Arabian Peninsula!

Well the fellow who outed them was Conservative Senator and government whip in the Senate Terry Stratton.

Now a committee tasked to look into the charges of misuse of funds has decided that They Did Nothing Wrong ....ahem! Yeah Right Boys you can be trusted to police yourselves....sure!

The Senate committee on internal economy, budgets and administration, which oversees business in the upper chamber, voted 12-1 on Thursday to clear Kenny and his committee of the allegations.

Move along folks nothing to see here!

Further ...Liberal Senator Colin Kenny said that Manitoba Conservative Terry Stratton should at least apologize and at most lose his position as government whip in the Senate.

Mr. Kenny ...You Owe me and every other Canadian Citizen an apology! You pompous self important gasbag. Do the right thing and remove yourself from the public trough..get your sticky fingers out of our pockets and do not set foot on our doorsteps again.

The lone dissenting vote came from Stratton, who had lodged the complaint in the first place.

Thanks for trying anyway Mr. Stratton! Your classmates are all overdue for a good spanking!



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