Monday, November 13, 2006

Another "Study" Proves that most Canadians Are Too Soft To Survive

A Canadian Press report today takes findings of yet another study out of context to promote their own Lib / Left world view...

Sans the CP Hyperbole here is the outline:

A group (unspecified) at Queens University conducted a study which included questions about anti-terrorism.

A little less than half of Canadians say they find laws enacted since the 9-11 terror attacks in the U.S. to be intrusive.

Based on what exactly? Have these respondents been intruded on? If so then How? I wonder.

Apparently a larger percentage of Americans than Canadians feel the same.

Let's see the numbers and the facts to back that one up.

In other findings, two-thirds of Canadian respondents said they were worried about providing personal information on websites.

So what?

Close to 60% of Canadians rejected racial profiling at airports for security purposes.

Oh really? Again show us the questions you asked and the demographics of the test.

If this is true however we are in deep trouble as a society. 2/3 of Canadians think that racial profiling at airports is a bad idea? Who the hell do they think ALL of the 9/11 hijackers were?

Only one-third of Americans objected.

Well if this is true maybe there is some hope for the USA after all!

To some it up ....if you believe that the poll was unbiased and scientific and that the results as reported are contextually accurate ....then Canadians are twice as likely to turn a blind eye to potential threats and are only a little less paranoid about our own government and law enforcement agencies.

I think we need a poll that takes MOONBATS out of the picture.


In Other news today.....Self Appointed "Man of The People" and big time media hound Garth Turner gets press about his big "Mistery Announcement" scheduled for tomorrow! Garth's staging of the non-event has generated some interest in the MSM it seems.......spin away you yo yos!



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