Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Canadians of Convenience - h/t to the Broom ShereKhan

I was following this story with a mixture of resignation and dismay.
Over 2400 New passports Granted in Lebanese Crises...

Resignation in that I fully expected a report to show that there were a lot of passports rushed through. Dismay at the fact that there seems to be little political will to make the kind of changes that Canadians deserve.

The decades of effort to buy political support and implement social engineering through immigration policies and manipulation by those damned Liberals has created a host of problems that Honest Canadian citizens must to deal with. Things have gone well past the point 'we should do something'. We are facing risks that demand decision and action NOW.

While idiots like Jack Layton dance around proclaiming that Canadians want more of the same old socialist BS. While the pack of thieves from the Liberal Party of Canada perform their incestuous ritual of leadership selection. While the separatists from Quebec continue to behave like a pack of spoiled and selfish children. While bureaucrats and public employees continue to earn the contempt of the Canadian taxpayer instead of earning their pay. While law enforcement and justice officials remain either tied to liberal policies or willfully neglect the public safety. While the corrupt and incompetent Mass Media continue to press their own politics and abuses of fact as self proclaimed arbiters of public opinion.

We the Citizens of Canada are faced with an unending series of abuses from every corner including the opportunistic and outright hostile forces of foreign cultures.



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