Tuesday, October 07, 2014


As things go in life there always are cycles of convergence and divergence.
Sometimes there is just nothing to capture a guy's interest and then those wheels turn another just enough to put a few too many objects of potential fun and mayhem into view!

And so it is that one of my favorite things from the past has been resurrected and thrown in front  of my brain's impulse center of lust for materialistic gratification.

Thanks Ducati:

2015 Ducati Scrambler Classic
Of course while I've been thinking of a light weight cruiser type bike, American motorcycle manufacturer Indian MCs ... came up with this:

2015 Indian Scout

I'm stuck wondering not only which way to go! With the state of my health can  even expect to ride by next season?
To do either of these bikes justice and give them enough use and care takes a fair bit of time and energy. Do I have it?

And what about my current rocket?




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