Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To Hell In A Handbasket - Redux

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I am seldom surprised by the depths of petty jealousy and overt incompetence displayed by bureaucrats except for two general areas ...One Is Military bullshit which always seems to find new limits to test..the other is in Policing and Public safety because of the real and immediate harm that law enforcement / justice officials do to the very people they are sworn to protect.

Well this piece from the Phoenix Arizona paper Phoenix New Times exposes such a blatant abuse and abdication by Federal agencies ( Immigration & Customs Enforcement or ICE).
The incompetence the bureaucratic ASS COVERING and the childish petulance displayed by ICE officials is IMO..... CRIMINAL....somebody on the taxpayers payroll needs to be FIRED as of yesterday for this!!!!!

I would love put the toe of my size ten caterpillar workboot right in the crotch of that whole bunch from Scottsdale's ICE office.

BTW - nice touch with the rotten fish from the State investigators! ;)

File this under : "The People Who NEED a swift kick in the Crotch" with H/T to USS Neverdock!



Blogger defiant_infidel said...

Wow! What a great article and a golden find on your part, Sir! Out of the eight pages, the following two paragraphs really stood out:

"Local police have little choice but to rely on the feds to help deal with foreigners. Street-level cops, for many reasons, aren't supposed to act like immigration agents."

"But the main reason they can't is that only the feds have the power to properly identify foreigners. State and local police can't access the computer databases that hold the names and personal data of tens of millions of foreigners who have had some contact with immigration officials."

Isn't that simply unbelievable? With such a debacle as ICE, and when you have local authorities willing and trying to do their job, where is the logic that prevents them from being empowered to do it?

This is one of the most eye opening reads on illegal immigration I have seen in many, many months. It was well worth the minutes it took to digest.

Thanks so much for bringing it to attention. We damn sure need to see some bureaucratic heads roll!

11/29/2006 8:09 a.m.  

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