Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Road Trips

Well .... Junior (Russ) and me just got back from about 5 thousand km of driving. We got to spend about four days visiting family and friends in south western Ontario and the trip was book ended by two marathons at the wheel.

The first stint was taken out of Winnipeg and across the north side of the Great Lakes. Thanks to road construction on hwy 17 that part of the trip took at least 4 hours longer than planned and also took a toll on our energy levels. Poor Russ got a cold and suffered his way through the week. It also affected his chances to meet cousins and get to know them a bit. Russ missed out on some very good visits with my old friends and especially a surprise 60th birthday bash with some guitar pickin' boys from Nova Scotia and a few Newfs to spice up the story telling.

As for me it was all pretty good once we got there. Dragging my butt around jut a bit but still managed to see most of the people I had hoped to see.

The stretch back was a bit better thanks to US roads being better cared for and even the construction zones being less of an impediment. A few encounters with deer at night with deer in Michigan and WI were had but we managed to avoid collisions and getting too close to them. While Minnesota managed to do a damned poor job of marking one road diversion so even locals were completely caught out by the F&ck Up. Nothing like going to work at 6am and getting trapped in a dead end road closure eh? A little palaver with two young fellows led to an improvised detour route on back roads and eventually put us all back on US hwy 2 into Grand Forks.

 All things considered, I would avoid doing any more of those marathon drives but there are still a couple trips I'd like to take.




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