Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Annual Seal Hunt and Clown Show!

Well I've been waiting for this! As the annual migration of idiotarians and animal rights activists descend on our North Eastern regions to chastize us for being so inhumane and evil.

The MSM is hanging on to every cock and bull comment and statement offered by the likes of Rebecca Aldworth from the US Humane Society.
Becky can be seen in numerous videos spewing nonsense about her "Right" to go where she wants to go and do what she wants to do regardless of the laws of our Nation and our rights to enforce them.
Aldworth is one of the key organizers of this annual publicity stunt in which millions of dollars are spent to denigrate the character of Canadians and criticize our policies while hypocritically contributing to pollution and harm to animals as well as human beings who are undertaking a legal activity withing the jurisdiction of our sovereign nation.

Aldworth by the way can also be seen in videos from last year where she is cursing sealers who her boat cut off and interfered with ...which by the way is a CRIME!
She is also the same idiot who was too busy pandering to a camera to go either rescue a dying seal pup or put it out of it's misery.

We start this years pandering to the activists by Canadian Press who offers:

" Animal rights groups are fuelling their helicopters, loading their gear and preparing for a new, more difficult venue as Canada's East Coast seal hunt moves to the ice floes of the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence."

"The hunt opens Wednesday in the northern Gulf and it will present the only real opportunity this year for hunt opponents to get the visual images they need to fuel their campaign to stop the annual slaughter on the ice."

"The Canadian government's decision earlier this week to prohibit observers during the opening days of the hunt in the southern Gulf, combined with poor ice and few seals, cut off the traditional, more convenient staging ground for the annual stand-off between hunters and observers."

"Rebecca Aldworth ... blah blah ... said Tuesday it was reprehensible for the government to restrict access to the southern Gulf, even if the hunt didn't amount to anything more than a couple of boats and no more than 50 seals."

"To us, that says there's something the Canadian government didn't want the public to see," Aldworth said.

"In this case, I believe it was the image of just a few seal pups clinging to tiny pans of ice and seal hunters still coming with clubs and guns and shooting and killing every last pup they could find."

Aldworth had to do a lot of arguing with Fisheries Department officials on Tuesday .......

BOO HOO! For the record - there is nothing I want to see more for Rebecca Aldworth than for her getting dunked in the frigid water north of Labrador and have a sealer pull her out! After taking his sweet time about it!

More activist airhead propaganda and BS to come................................


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