Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Activists Go Home! Good Riddance

Don't let the door hit ya' in the arse on your way out!

The Annual Seal Hunt and Clown Show Is Over!

I was waiting for the annual migration of idiotarians and animal rights activists descent on our North Eastern regions to chastise us for being so inhumane and evil.

I was waiting for The MSM to hang on to every cock and bull comment and statement offered by the likes of Rebecca Aldworth from the US Humane Society.

We started this years pandering to the activists by Canadian Press who offered the usual public soap box for Aldworth to spew her nonsense.

While still Willing to Sing backup harmony to the litany of childishly petulant complaints from Aldworth and her cronies and only too happy to keep repeating the trash theories of government conspiracies to silence their caterwaling and histrionics the Canadian and world media seemed surprisingly uninterested and unenthusiastic this year!

Oh well! Perhaps the fact that there are actually real world issues to deal with got in the way.
Or, perhaps the incessant banging of the Global Warming Alarmist Drums was keeping them busy.
Or, perhaps the lack of Celebrity ego-activists made the prospect less appealing.
Or, maybe the protest just isn't the In Thing this year!

Just as well then. For whatever reason we bid you adieu Rebecca and all your self righteous pals!

And remember! Don't let that door hit you in the arse!

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