Friday, April 13, 2007

Our Lefty News / Media Hard at Work!

Today while waiting for my computer to boot up and enjoying my first cup of coffee I took a plunge into the world of TV broadcast news and landed on our friends over at CBC Newsworld.

After sitting through the exhaustive Afghan Deathwatch reporting and taking in a little bit of on the ground summary from one of our military guys over there the talking program moved on to get into the Paul Wolfowitz story.
As you may already know Wolfowitz is the president of the World Bank and he's gotten himself embroiled in a bit of a scandal because he helped a friend get a job!
At issue are the generous compensation and pay raises of a bank employee, Shaha Riza, who has dated Wolfowitz. She was given an assignment at the State Department in September 2005, shortly after he became bank president. And Mr. Wolfowitz admitted that he helped her into that White House opening.

Of course there are a pack of howlers after his tail now even though the job his pal got was outside the World Bank. SO what exactly is WRONG with putting in a good word for your friends when they're looking for new jobs? If any fault could be found it should be in the US State department where they may have given the good Miss Riza preferential treatment. As far as the The World Bank Group Staff Association is concerned this is really none of their damned business.

But I DIGRESS ...... The point is how our taxpayer funded clique of lefty asshats chose to report this story.

CBC began their report today by first linking Mr. Wolfowitz to the Bush Administration and the Iraq war as being an outspoken supporter of the War! What does this have to do with the current story? Well ...... NOTHING .... unless you have an agenda to spin the news into your general dislike of the US Administration and their policies!

Way to go CBC!

I sincerely hope that we the Canadian Taxpayers will soon be relieved of the burden of funding this leftist propaganda machine.


On a marginally related topic .... because it invovles the CBC and Taxpayers money:
If you are a hockey fan and expect to see the best games or Canadian Teams up against US based teams in the Prime Time Slots forget it!

CBC paid the NHL $600million dollars for the rights to broadcast the product and serves the largest market of dedicated Hockey viewers. But Garry Betman has decided that YOUR investment in HIS business is second concern to pleasing the marginal and dwindling US audiences. This weekend you will see the lame lineup of Tampa Bay v New Jersey on Hockey Night's prime time broadcast. If you are interested in the much more relevant Ottawa / Pittsburgh game you will have to plunk you ass down at 2:00 PM CST.
Apparently the CBC brass don't have the NUTS to stand up against this jackass Betman to ensure that the money YOU spent would be well spent!

Kill the funding to the CBC and Kill It Soon!




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