Monday, April 23, 2007

On The Campaign Trail - Trudy Turner Riel

Trudy's campaign got off to a strong start on Sunday with an energetic group of supporters getting out on the Street! Sporting Trudy's campaign signs along with hearty smiles a big waves to the passing traffic around the St. Vital center they were greeted by many friendly waves and smiles in return! Cars honked, motorcyclists waved and showed thumbs up ..... a good start!

Followed up with some door knocking in the neighborhood the team found lots of supporters and even some not so supporters who were still happy to chat a bit about issues. Not something they've had much of chance to do with Ms. Melnick it seems.

One poignant incident was a very angry resident who was beside herself over the treatment her husband had received in the last while at one of our local hospitals. I can't say she was won over by the presence of campaigners but I can say that it's a damned shame that anyone can be so abused by the health care system that they have only anger for anyone associated with it or the government in any way.

Wasn't Doer and the Dippers going to FIX our hospitals??




Anonymous Fergy said...

I've seen that anger, and the sad thing is they are so disgusted they won't even vote.

4/24/2007 3:17 p.m.  

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