Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bacon: The New Hate Crime!

*Bacon The Is Now The Weapon of Hateful People! *
Over at The Gates of Vienna author Dymphna post this little sample of how CAIR and other activist groups use "Hate Crimes Laws" to undermine our justice system and enforce their own ideology at the expense of any who hold differing views.

Remember that the perpetrators of the stunt have not been found and whatever their reason or intent the legal precedent that results from the invocation of the hate crimes laws becomes a nail in the coffin of honest and upright dissenters and critics of the perpetually offended groups.

Like CAIR! This is part of their strategy to see their own moral code Sharia Law imposed on our society.
And given that ........... would it be too much to speculate that the whole stunt was a put up by Islamic agitators to create just such an opportunity for CAIR to express some more of their "Righteous Outrage" ?

Not that it makes any difference. Whatever kind of dumbass pulled this stunt the act itself is laughable. Problem being that groups like CAIR get to take advantage of the doctrine of Political Correctness that poisons the heart and soul of American institutions. "Liberal Rot" like a cancer that weakens the body of society.


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