Monday, April 23, 2007

Campaigning In Riel!

On Sunday the Trudy Turner campaign Kicked Off in ST. Vital Park!

At noon opposition leader Hugh McFadden was on hand along with Jack Reimer and a few other good people to announce the Initiation of Trudy's campaign to unseat the dismal Christine Melnick in Riel Riding!

Hugh took the opportunity to pose with Trudy and Friends and to make an announcement on funding for sports. The local media were on hand to ask asinine questions about Kyoto Policies and phony controversies regarding Jack Reimer. Uh huh! Good work there you "pros"!

After several attempts to corner Mr. McFadden into responding to what passes as for deep thought and concern among the media types they gave up paid some lip service to just reporting the event.

Word Up! to you local Media types : The election is about the failures of the current government! There are many and the repercussions are serious! You just haven't taken the time to consider them yet!




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