Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Study in Statistical Insignificance

Watts Up with that?

Has very good graphics using the AMSR-e satellite data to show recorded sea ice extents in arctic and antarctic regions.

While much has been made of deltas in mins maxes and averages .... it is quite plain that the actual measurements show a cohesion of remarkable consistency along all the trends.

Not that this has any impact on this sort of reporting:

From the Vancouver Sun ....

The recent, record-setting retreat of Arctic sea ice in Canada and across the polar north has prompted separate research projects in Britain and the United States aimed at reconstructing the region's historical ice record - from the 18th century age of sail to the dawn of the satellite era in the 1960s.

Stupid and lazy seems to be the main prerequisite for working as a reporter.... or news editor.

It being easier to pander to the fears of hysterical dopes than in making any effort at all to actually inform or educate

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