Monday, January 03, 2011

So ? What's your point Poindexter ?

In a piece of faux news presented by Business Review Canada ( some writer thinks it is noteworthy that some CPA wrote a report based on some study of CEO compensation. The spin put on this piece seems to be that by camparison the average wage earner is paid less than 1% of what these corporate hot shots get.

As if this has an intrinsic signficance!

Note worthy is the fact that the usual leftard MSMers (CBC - Torstar -Vancouver Sun - CTV etc) have latched onto the piece. Because .... as we should all know ..... any chance to present a theme that encourages non thinking acceptance of such received wisdom from your moral and intellectual betters is an opportunity not to be wasted.

If you care to dip your attention into the peu profonde here's the link :
Can Bus Rev .... if you have the time to kill do a search on googlenews to see the links to the MSM rehash of the article ... note that CP even takes credit for the story. No attribution that I can see.

So what's my point?

Just another example of how lazy, stupid and dishonest the pinheads in the MSM really are.


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