Friday, February 22, 2013

Not Just a Good Story ...

A Great Story in fact ....
The tale of Philip Halliday and his ordeal of being arrested for drug trafficking where he played the role of innocent dupe in a major drug bust.
Halliday was hired by the boat operators as a crew member and apparently had no clue about the hidden drugs.

But turned into a pathetic piece of amateurish hackery by the National Post and their contributing writers.

National Post contributor Joe O'Connor wrote about this in 2010...

From Dec 2010

And again in 2012 ...
Feb 2012

You may notice that the NP decided to go with the same layout and photos used 26 months ago ... for starters.

Then you may notice also the fragmented presentation of pertinent facts in both articles. Especially the complete lack of focus in the second, where more effort is spent attempting to build sympathetic response from readers than there is informing. Most notably, the burial of the fact that 14 others were convicted in the trial.... combined with ZERO information about the disposition of anyone beyond that bit of tossed off detail.

You may also notice that NO effort was made to link the current story back to the  original.
Zero .... nada .... zilch .... as if the story just began yesterday.

Lazy - Shallow - Maudlin - Confused - Lacking in Context - Lacking in Fact

What passes for writing and journalism these days!





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