Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Venal and Incestuous Liberal/Left

Sun News .... reporting stuff that the rest WILL NOT ....

OTTAWA - One of the NDP's strongest advocates for the CBC is being paid tens of thousands of dollars a year by the state broadcaster while voting on the CBC's funding and debating its future.
Liberal and Conservative MPs now say NDP MP Andrew Cash should resign his position on the House of Commons heritage committee for violating  conflict of interest rules.
But Cash says the ethics commissioner cleared the way for him to debate CBC funding even though he has earned nearly $40,000 a year for providing music to the popular CBC television program Dragon's Den.

I'm thinking the "Ethics Commissioner" is either retarded or the rules of House Ethics are a joke.

IN any case ....if this was a Conservative Politician .... the story would be very different.

Just one more reason to kill taxpayer funding to the CBC.




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