Thursday, March 07, 2013

Librano Pocket Lining

Well .... it's not really a surprise that yet another left wing politician is found lining his pockets with taxpayer money.
Also no surprise that the first step is to set up a round of shrill Canada bashing and blaming those of us who actually give a shit about our nation for the problems they have in fact manufactured. Of course they also will pretend to be the "Saviours" and the only true defenders of "Canadian" values.

Turns out today that Bob The Boob Rae .... the guy who tanked the Ontario Economy as an NDP first minister back in the 90s.... has been talking up a storm as an advocate for first nations complaints.

Not that being an advocate for first nations complaints is necessarily anything more than a job or an avocation. The problem my friends is that Bob Rae is currently a sitting federal MP. He sits in the LIbrano benches and was appointed the interim LIberal leader in the wake of Count Ignatief's disapppearing ass.

So now we have a sitting MP who is the titular leader of a political party setting up an advocacy on behalf of people who are not his constituents. In addition he has involved himself with the most pathetic of the band of parasites seeking to perpetuate their own access to the public trough.
Hoping to take on an air of legitimacy through auspices of the greatest fraud in our time ... that being the UN and its agencies. Notice lately how the various minions of the UN have been very busy bashing just about everything Canadian?
Bob Rae + Uncle Mo Strong + UN + Grievance mongering parasites = you are getting screwed + It's about to get worse.

Unless of course there is an adult in the house with the sense to cut them off from the feedbag.

Birds of a feather ....... working against the interests of Canadians who actually contribute to our society. They care nothing for what are true Canadian Values in spite of all the pretense. They simply are the opportunistic raiders of our gardens and any offal they can glean from the waste pile of our fortunes that are stolen by governments.

Watch them screech and posture in the knowledge that they have been observed positioning themselves for a feast at the manger of our tax dollars.


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