Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cats Out of Bags

The Socialist Takeover of First Nations

They are quick to silence their critics. Opposition to the ideology is NOT going to be tolerated.
And ANY upstart indian that has the nerve to say any different will be  put in their place.
Thanks to this intelligent  Facebook Post by Full Cree Anthony Sowan  ....
the mask is off the indian movement. Idle No More ... and the rest of the action groups are nothing but freedom hating opportunistic socialist mooches. Their leaders ... exactly like the Bolsheviks ... thugs and criminals.

One response....from the internet...

Idle No More is about forming a socialist government, in equal partnership with Indigenous people and settlers, where building community, culture, and sharing is the common goal, not a capitalist selfishness, that borrows off the less fortunate. It's a reverse way of thinking, contribute to my community FIRST, ask for what I need last. Not everyone gets it yet!

Not exactly right .... the part about contributing ... is pure bullshit because no of these cretins is going to anything but TAKE.... so long as they are getting YOUR contribution it's all ok!

Except for the never ending CREEP of entitlement demands from the culture of parasites!



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