Thursday, July 05, 2012

It's no Lack of Funding

It's the regulations that kill......

In the energy business as in many others one sure way to create failures (and waste vast amounts of Money) is to provide government funding to businesses that need to prove that they are viable BEFORE they are given money.

Now it may be that a geothermal power plant could be economically sustainable in Nevada.

But, if it was MY money on the line .... I'd want to see the artificial impediments to success removed FIRST!

That's never going to happen when you have the SAME people who are regulating enterprise of all sorts into failure ... handing out taxpayer money to businesses that cannot survive under the regulatory stranglehold of  same governments. This is the fundamental problem with granting the power to tax and regulate to people who have NEVER managed anything successfully.

Do you think that any LIBERAL will ever figure this out?

Not freekin likely.


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