Friday, May 31, 2013

Media and Message

Today ... while watching some news on TV ... I was informed that the media circus in Toronto City Hall is all Mayor Rob Ford's fault.

In other words ... "We came here because that fat guy made us. We are forced to act like assholes and we're not leaving because he won't give us what we want."

Is it any wonder that I have ZERO respect for reporters and their masters?

If I was a reporter .... I'd be going after the clowns at the TorStar for the story of exactly how they came to see what no one else seems to be able to see.

In other news ...   Venezuela ...  the perfect socialist state, where confiscated oil wells cannot support enough of an economy to keep things like toilet paper on the shelves of stores.

Apparently, some enterprising individuals managed to gather a pile of  2,450 cases in a garage. State police got a tip about this and raided the site.

No word is given on what they did with the TP stash. Although it is not illegal to purchase or own TP in Venezuela ... the current value of the commodity probably makes it more likely that the police will manage to keep it (it will disappear) for themselves. Asswipe deprived Venzuelans will not see the precious stuff on their local store shelves.


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