Monday, August 27, 2012

The Strategy of Mass Starvation

It's something you can bet on EVERY TIME!
When the liberal left and the rest of that spectrum get on any bandwagon ... especially if that bandwagon makes it all the way to the circus and the clowns get their party... as with the so called fashionable "Arab Spring" that all the cool people were yaking about and cheerleading for.

Just another case of something that the liberal left wound up being completely wrong about.

What was it WE predicted? Broken treaties ... overt threats to anyone and everyone... and making sure the rabble will starve if they are not on board? Because when you do not have the moral and political will to follow through when everything goes to hell .....

Norks on the Nile!

Spengler Says:   The New York Times is shocked–shocked–to discover that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president wants to bring Iran into a quartet of Muslim countries to manage the Syria crisis. In fact, Asia Times’ M.K. Bhadrakumar, a former senior Indian diplomat, reported this story more than a week ago. There is a bigger, and more frightening picture, including Egypt’s deployment of tanks into the Sinai in violation of its 1979 peace treaty with Israel, and the collapse of Egypt’s economy. “Worse is better,” the Bolsheviks said in 1917: the more hunger and the more chaos, the better the chances for a Bolshevik coup. The Muslim Brotherhood’s intention, it appears, is to turn Egypt into North Korea on the Nile: a starvation in state in which one’s chances of eating depend on loyalty to the ruling party.

 more Spengler ....

Reports that Egypt’s oil suppliers are cutting shipments to the nearly-bankrupt nation coincide with a dramatic diplomatic shift towards Iran by President Mohammed Morsi. Morsi’s attendance at the Non-Aligned Summit in Teheran today denotes the end of Iran’s diplomatic isolation in the Sunni Arab world.
In addition, as my Asia Times Online colleague M K Bhadrakumar noted in his Indian Punchline blog, Morsi proposed to include Iran in a four-nation contact group to resolve the Syrian crisis, along with Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Morsi’s outreach to Iran at the August 15 Organization of Islamic Coordination summit in Mecca was welcomed by Iran’s Foreign Ministry. [1] [2]

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