Thursday, September 23, 2010

CSI .... Jumping the Shark !

After about 10 years of entertaining us with creatively scripted and very well produced stories the acclaimed TV series "CSI" looks ready to do itself in.

Much like the demise of the immensely popular comedy of the seventies "Happy Days"... the crime solving drama of the first decade 21st century has been suffering from ever declining standards of writing and production.

"CSI" has lost a few of the keystone characters in the last few years but that is far less of an issue than the lack of originality and innovation that has become ever more obvious since well before Bill Petersen planned his exit. Not that the show has any shortcomings in the talent of the current cast.
It's just that every aspect of the show is looking and feeling .... OLD.

Even Marge Helgenberger is looking rough and a little too faded.....

I suppose that might be one reason that could explain in some way the plan to write in a character for the latest teeny bopper hot shot .... manufactured kiddy celebrity Justin Bieber.

Perhaps the producers of the show are so desperate to make their product young and appealing and seem fresh again that they are willing to sell their (probably already thrice mortgaged) souls.
Or maybe the Bieber media/marketing machine is that good and that wealthy?

In any case... I have news for the folks at CSI .... the ONLY people looking forward to this travesty are the Bieber Inc. bunch and the hordes of celebrity obsessed children who will suck up anything connect to the kid. But those folks are not and never will be interested in the CSI show. Perhaps you advertising sponsors are delusional enough to buy into this....?

For the one shot ratings blip "CSI" is going to get from this the price I suspect is going to be oblivion in the very near future.

Write this down: Thursday September 23, 2010 .... the day "CSI - Crime Scene Investigation"
Jumped The Shark

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