Monday, September 06, 2010

The Road to Rapid City

Day two of the OMMAG's road trip........... the Saturday Drive West.

Out of Fargo in the morning after a good night's sleep we head west on I94 for a while till we get to the Valley City exit... There we pick up the Cheyene River national scenic byway running south.
It's a rolling winding drive showing nice countryside that takes you to the Fort Ransom state park and historical area. We take off to the west at #46 before we get to the park to connect with hwy.281 that runs past the wind farms near Edgley ND and on into SD toward I90.
We take off west on #14 headed to the Misouri river crossing at Pierre SD then on towards Buffalo Gap ... there was a "fresh oil" warning on at Midland so we beetled off to the south on #63 through some beautiful rolling prairie until we hit I90.

It's interstate driving heading west into Rapid city and past the badland spires to the south and the interminable billboards advertizing the world's lamest tourist trap at Wall ... that being Wall Drugs.

So .... we get into RC about 5pm... and discover a town that is in some kind of traffic management crisis. Also .... we find out that there are a couple of big events going on and NOT ONE room to found on the Labor Day weekend!

After some phone calls with the help of the front desk clerk Rachel at the Quality Inn we get a lead on some possible openings back at Wall or Phillip .... an hour later ...after booking a room for the next few days at the Q Inn we find ourselves back at Wall. We find a room at a local motel in town. A quick check for bugs gives us a passible roof over our heads for the night and a few stories to relate later.

And so ends the saturday adventure....
Stay tuned.


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