Saturday, September 25, 2010


Smug and Self Righteous ... and played YOU for a sucker baby!!

Bono's much promoted .... charity .... lives up to it's name and donates exactly 1% of the take to charity.

Betcha all you suckers out there who jumped on that bandwagon feel a little USED right now.... !?


In other news :

Bono was playing Brussels last night with U2 as the world’s leaders – so many of whom he speaks to directly – were meeting at the UN assembly in New York to assess the progress, or lack of, in reaching the Millennium goals they set.

So if you're getting a slightly sick feeling .... JUST Wait till you get the story on Suzuki!

Like PT Barnum said .... there's ONE born every minute!

Look up schadenfreude .... it's what I get to enjoy often.


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