Saturday, September 04, 2010

An OMMAG Vacation

Day one of our trip:

Mrs. OMMAG and I take our time getting ready on friday morning, running some last minute errands and checking in at Tim's for a last extra large for the road.

If ommens are to be read into small events .... our visit to the drive through on St.Mary's south was not good. The lineup was especially slow and one jerk (it's a two lane line up that has a merging area) thought he was going to cut in in fornt of the OMMAG ... Ford F150 wins battle for space occupation over chevy sedan. But the OMMAG is not happy and Mrs. is already complaining about my attitude. Hey! It's my vacation too .....

Anyway ... we get to order station and the kid starts telling me I cant have the breakfast sandwich!!! WTF!! says I to the twerp ... I've been waiting in this line since well before end of breakfast time and you are telling me it's too late? I hate settling ... but what can you do in this situation?

So..... off we go with our coffee and bagles instead of the correct road food we desired.... down to the border crossing ... past the construction areas where the road is down to one lane each way.

At the border crossing .... they're spending a lot of time with each vehicle .... asking ALL the questions and repeating them ... as if somehow hoping to trip up people as an excuse to snd them home for the long weekend. Sheesh! I respect the whole border security thing ... but ... for chrisakes use you freekin head.... we've got aur PASSPORTS with us!

Half tons pulling campers and cars packed with kids and suitcases all stuffed with whitebread Canadians from Winnipeg are NOT your freeekin security problem!

AH well.... on to Grand Forks enjoyiing the 75mph speed limit ...... and a short stopover for refreshment. We spotted the new Canad Inns at the Alerus center from the highway and beetled over Demers ave. to check it out. The local brand seems to travel well into the US side and the Tavern United had a ... surprise! ... better selection of beer in Grand Forks North Dakota than in Winnipeg. (Memo to self .... send an email to the folks running out local to get on the ball with the beer thing) AND BTW ... Sam Adams Oktoberfest is a a really good beer... lots of flavour... banana and citrus scented and nutty flavour with a good clean finish. First Rate beer!

Back on the road to Fargo ..... a few miles of similar highway construction coming into Fargo ... why? is it that here in the US a construction zone speed is 65mph? when in Manitoba it's 80kph and 60 any where near a bunch of "workers"???? Past a couple of troopers south grand forks out to slow down the Labour Day weekend crowds... although I don't know how fast the guys who got pulled over were going ... the traffic on Friday afternoon was well spaced and cruising along anywhere from 75 to 85 or so .. no problems and little need for radar and speed traps as far as I can see.

Into Fargo and find the Holiday Inn .... the place is really in nice shape... we get a room and relax for a while then ghead out to find a place (a chinese restaurant we used to like called the Mandarin) ... but it's gone and we find instead a Japanese place called Kobe. In spite of the very full parking lot and the less than imaginative marketing (Kobe? come on....) we try it out.

Surprisingly .... service is first rate .... a small crowd and reception gets handled efficiently by the hostess who looks after us in no time at all .... takes us to the bar for a pre dinner cocktail where we meet a small group who end up at the teriaki grill station with us for supper. Nice people.... a local girl with a friend named Dante from Northern Italy and a quite young woman from Brazil along with another local couple.

The setting is classic Japanese grill with a 'U' set up around the entertainment. The cooks are noisy and willing to push the limits of personal space for fun and entertainment. Lots of clatter and yelling punctuated with huge fireballs of sake fumes over the food on the grill.....

We tried some spider rolls and some shrimp with avocado .... just to get going... then followed up with chicken and shrimp (mrs. OMMAG) and steak and scallops for me. Now remember this is in Fargo ND!! The food was excellent!! Oysters were perfect shrimp were perfect steak was perfect chicken was perfect.

If you are ever in Fargo .... I highly recommend the Kobe.

Today ... it's off to Rapid City SD....



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I wasn't that long ago it took two minutes at the border.

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