Sunday, April 28, 2013

Canada's Taxpayer Funded Propaganda Machine

No question about it ... the CBC is run by people whose sole purpose is to support the idea that in Canada, there is one and only one "Natural Governing Party".

The CBC will play the role of soapbox and megaphone for the other leftwing political entities from the Party Quebecois separatist traitors to the communist manifesto loving NDP to the freakshow Green party. But when it comes to the LPC there is a special love affair.

The news as presented by CBC is a continuous drip of fauning and supportive opinion in coverage of all things related to the liberals. The propagation of politically correct and "progressive" opinions is the standard for the CBC. Never mind that this is all based on falsehood and distorted world views.

To the CBC this is bread and butter.

Small Dead Animals observes:

2009: CBC Refuses to run CPC anti-Ignatieff attack ads. "We'll only accept political advertising like that when there is an election campaign on," he told Canwest. "We have generally pretty strict guidelines."
2013: Justin Trudeau's "teacher" ad aired on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada during the Ottawa/Philadelphia broadcast tonight, at least once. I must have missed Stephen Harper's visit to Rideau Hall earlier today.
You can pester the Ombudsman by email and Twitter.

Just as a reminder ... WE taxpayers contribute  $1.5 BILLION dollars every year to keep this fraud going. 
To reflect on what we do and do not need the CBC for:
  • We do not need the CBC to act as gatekeepers of political commentary (although the LPC, NDP, Green and Separatist parties clearly do).
  • We do not need the CBC to see our sports broadcasts (which the CBC does a damned poor job of as it is).
  • We do not need the CBC to  learrn about Canada (which the CBC wilfully misrepresents).
  • We do not need the CBC to to hear about opinions from Toronto's liberal elitists.
  • We do not need the CBC to be told what aspects of Canadian culture are important nor do we need the CBC to understand what Canadian culture is.
  •  We do not need the products that are generated by the pathetic efforts of the CBC to produce what they consider relevant Canadian content.
  • We do not need the CBC to rebroadcast and rerun foreign entertainment.
We do not need the CBC represent Canadian culture or opinion because the CBC does NOT represent Canadian culture and in fact represents only the outlook of  Trudeaupian liberalism as viewed from the Toronto to Ottawa to Montreal corridor. 
And most of all we DO NOT need to pay $1.5 billion a year to please the people who actually do need this.


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