Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canadian Media At It Again (still...)

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Has the stomach for watching CBC and reading the Globe&Mail (and all the rest)......

Hardly a surprise that the liberal twits are desperately working to legitimize their own prejudices by redefining the murdering terrorist punks of the Boston Bombing as victims.

Root causes? Bah! Pure revisionism, denying facts and hoping to redirect attention from the failings of their "profession" to competently report on the events that transpired.

Of course in liberal logic this makes themselves "better" than the rest. So deep, so moral, so caring. so wise. Well let me say this about that:

These liberal shit wits have no clue what they are talking about. And, any glimmering of facts that may emerge from their sanctimonious lecturing are purely for window dressing in the vain hope of legitimizing the media's amoral and venal efforts.  To be clear, the media are no body's moral or intellectual superiors, as much as they like to pretend. Murderers, terrorists, thugs and criminals are not deserving of understanding, caring or any sort of respect.

The only rightful and just response to the people who perpetrate crimes is contempt and outrage.
This applies to those who attempt to justify such acts and legitimize the perpetrators through efforts to manufacture sympathy for the undeserving.

The liberals only hope is that they will make themselves appear to hold some moral high ground. This will never be. There is no morality in defending the amoral and there is no truth in revisionism.

Not that we can ever expect the liberal to understand this. The liberal media are completely dependent on sustaining their delusions.

And for that the Media deserve the same contempt as the perpetrators.



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