Monday, November 21, 2005

Do You Think You Should Pay for Biased Media Information?

Media Bias and Democracy in Canada

CBC is Anti- Conservative and Pro-Liberal. You should be concerned!

This writer is a believer in democracy and a believer in a free and independent press. The two go hand in hand.

Given a free press with plenty of diverse editorial opinion we can expect that overall the message the general public perceives will be balanced and accurate, leaving you and me and everyone the pleasure of forming our own opinions and drawing our own conclusions. Thank you very much!

So what’s wrong with the way CBC reports and analyzes information?

If you take the time to look at what issues they cover and the spin they put on those issues you cannot help but notice a strong preference for favouring Liberal Points of View. Beyond that there is the assumption that CBC has the moral authority to speak for Canadians. Always assuming the moral high ground ( dubious assumption ) and often prone to be critical of conservative opinion the CBC writers and staff often show an overt preference for left of centre points of view.

So why is this a problem?

Two reasons my friends.

1- The CBC is a publicly funded media organization and therefore has a mandate to represent the complete diversity of Canada without bias.

2- There is a persistent effect of having any message hammered in over a long period of time. The CBC is hammering negative connotations about all things Conservative or from the Right of Centre while seldom ( If Ever) taking any left of centre POV to task. This is at best just plain biased and promoting a prejudiced POV, mildly interpreted as a Self Interested Marketing campaign. At worst the media business that is funded with the Taxes of All Canadians has become a Propaganda Machine for Liberal Interests.

You had better believe it! And, you should be concerned about the distortion of public opinion that results from their efforts.

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