Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Excercise In Democracy - Let Us Do It Now!

Who says that Canadians don’t want an election?

Apparently, the idea came from our pundits of the Mainstream Media who have their asses comfortably parked in Ottawa. This “Brain Trust” has their own reasons for promoting the idea.

In my opinion here are a few:

Ø If an election is called before the Christmas Holiday Season it will interfere with their own holiday plans

Ø Electioneering in Canada in the winter means not warming their asses on beaches in warmer climes

Ø For the most part they are sycophants of the power elite in Ottawa, said Power Elite consisting at the moment of Liberals who certainly want to prolong their positions for as long as possible

Ø In spite of the fact that the actual Voting Day will fall no sooner than Mid-January the prospect of having to struggle for the attention of the voting populace during said Holiday Season is a problem they do not want to face

Ø Most Canadians begin to seriously consider their financial and tax situations at the beginning of the year and are quite likely to be in a bad mood ( Bad for Liberal Government )

Ø Incumbent power brokers will have little time to “Spin” issues and influence public opinion thereby putting livelihood and reputation at risk

So who does not want an election? And want it Sooner Rather than Later!

Here’s my list with some motives:

1 – PM Paul Martin; Because he is in danger of losing power (sooner rather than later/maybe)

2 – The rest of the Liberal MPs; Risk losing power, electioneering is Work!, inconvenient at Holiday Time! Expensive And Risky to future as parasites on the public purse. Won't be warming asses on beach somewhere!

3 – Liberal Party and supporters; Risk to jobs, risk to privilege and patronage opportunities, election is work, expensive. Won't be warming asses on beach somewhere!

4 – Ottawa power brokers and beneficiaries of Liberal Patronage; risk to personal privilege and other perks of friendly relationships with incompetent and corrupt officials. Won't be warming asses on beach somewhere!

5 – Incompetent and Corrupt officials; Risky to employment prospects and perks. Won't be warming asses on beach somewhere!

6 – Liberal friendly media sycophants; see comments above

7 – Polsters who want the pre-election hubbub to last as long as possible thereby providing them with maximum opportunity to justify their existence.

8 - Misguided and misinformed members of the public.

9 - Most Everyone who thinks it is more important to warm ass on beach somewhere than to let Canadians have their say in how and by who the country is run!


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