Friday, November 25, 2005

Hey Paully! Get The Gloves OFF ! Let's see what you've got!

How Elections and Politics are Just Like the Kindergarten Schoolyard!

Bullies! ...................... I hate em'!

And one thing for sure about the Liberals is that, when they think they can get away with it, they love to walk all over the little guy!

That's what bullies do.......take a look around to make sure no one who can interfere is nearby and then ...steal some lunch money....rough up a little kid......push someone around......sucker some patsy into "joining the Gang" so they can hang 'em out to dry when the chance comes.

That's Paul Martin and the LPC to a tee!

But like all bullies....When they get some of what they deserve they start whining.

PM Martin did this today! Did you hear the whiiiiiiiiine?
Oh yeah! PM has his feelings hurt because Steven Harper called him a crook. Well not exactly in those word but ....
The liberals behaviour in the Adscam afair was just like Organised Criminals trying to Launder Money and the Gomery report Said So! Harper is Right to call Martin and the Liberals crooks.
They take the taxpayers money and spend what they want and give it to other crooks who are their buddies, thentry to hide it.

So just like the schoolyard bully that got caught; Paul Martin starts crying about it then lies some more about it. Next he'll be sending his buddies around to do his fighting for him.
Being the bunch of spoiled little wimps that they are the boys in the Liberal Gang will just resort to name calling. A few of the more creative ones will make up some stories about their foes to get some sympathy.

But today is the day of reckoning Paully! Day one of the political Ass Kicking you and your pals so richly deserve.

Not only is Steven Harper up to the job of rubbing your face in the dirt but the rest of the kids in the neighbourhood are ready to back him up!

I wonder why they call it "Running in an election?" You running now PM?

Get The Gloves Off! Let's see what you've got!


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