Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I borrow this little ditty with thanks and full credit to Anonymous who posted it on another blog (I believe it was Blogging Conservatives)

I have taken the liberty of revising the piece and the rhyme to my own words.

The Traditional ideal of picking oneself up by the bootstraps seems a far better ideology than the doom and gloom in perpetual victimhood that is supported by the liberals.
They seem to be working hard to teach people that thinking for oneself or taking responsibility for ones actions or improving ones lot in life are things not to be rewarded or encouraged.
Rather the message the liberals seem to support is that you and I cannot be trusted to look after ourselves. And, infact we should just stop worrying and let them look after our welfare.

The idea of free people needing or wanting to be protected from themselves or from the simple realities of the world, is such an affront to a democratic society that I often wonder how it is that people let themselves be fooled by the politicians and would be social architects that encourage dependency on the “State”.

I guess that if you want to live in a state of perpetual childhood then the lure mummy’s lap is too much to resist. But is it even possible that the Majority of people in this country can be thinking that way?

Little Liberal Limerick ( just a rhyme )……………


The Nanny State is here to save!

Will mother you from cradle to grave.

The working class can pay for it all.

Just give in to our siren call.

No need for responsibility !

Forget self worth and honour or duty!

No hard work for your reward!

Don’t think for yourself or unduly worry.

Just go and work and play and pay.

Forget your dreams and rest today.

And most of all don’t fret for your children.

We’ coddle and teach that we will think for them.

Depending on our wisdom won’t make you a slave!

One more vote, at any cost, is all that we crave.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey just checked out your revised version of my limerick from one of my posts on Funny!

Glad you enjoyed it.

11/23/2005 3:02 p.m.  

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