Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Law and Order ..Justice Gets Slap In Face!

Something much more immediate and serious than the political process!

Quebec Superior Court Judge.....Justice James Brunton handed down a landmark decision that amounts to a slap in the face.
Claiming that there is not enough evidence to support the previously imposed restrictions on Karla Homolka this "Pillar of Wisdom" has allowed the convicted participant in numerous sex crimes and homicides to go about our nation as an unrestricted individual.

Never mind the horific nature of the crimes she participated in!
Never mind the preposterously lenient sentence she was handed in return for what was in fact limited cooperation!
Never mind that this individual is and will always be the psychopathic sociopath manipulator she has been for decades!
Never mind the trauma of victims and victims families that has been and continues to be inflicted through judicial disregard for the damage done to victims!
Never mind that public opinion flies vastly in the face of such lenience!
Never mind that the same victims and families had to fight to have restrictions placed on Homolka to protect themselves and were awarded those restrictions for that reason!

This is such a blatant example of A Judges Excess in Liberal Interpretation of And Concern for The So Called "Rights of Convicted Criminals" that it makes this writer furious!

The public needs to speak out! For all of our sakes and especially for the sakes of those victims and the survivors of those victims of vicious and sick criminals like Karla Homolka.


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