Thursday, November 24, 2005

Money Money Money & Politics

Doin’ the Liberal Two Step for Dollars ( And Votes)

After 12 years in government the Liberal Party did the First Thing Right!

The simple thing they did was being asked for by Canadians for as long as there have been taxes. They Lowered A Tax!

And Abra-Cadabra! Presto! There Ya Go! The stock market takes off and our economy builds itself by tens of billions of dollars!

Never mind that they actually did not drop a tax but only promised to improve a tax credit ( the dividend tax credit ) and allow a popular investment vehicle ( the Income Trust ) to exist unmolested.

The fact is that we were shown today what a single intelligent and investment friendly promise can do to the benefit of all Canadians.

Never mind that they could have done this 12 years ago or any time since they came to power.

Never mind that they admit that the move was only aimed at improving the mood of taxpayers before the election.

Never mind that they still claim that the Investment Trusts are “Costing” the government $300 Million a year in “Lost” taxes.

Never mind that the real reason they went after the income trusts in the first place was because the trusts were taxed at a lower rate than other business’ and for good reason.

Never mind that the taxes on dividends were Too High anyway and that the Dividend Tax Credit is Too Small.

Never mind that the Liberals and the Finance Minister still view the money of Canadians as Their Own to take as they please and use as they please.

Never mind that they will probably never act on the promise that they made yesterday.

Today we rejoice because for one day we have seen that there is hope!

Our institutions of commerce can grow and we can prosper!

If only we can get the Liberals to Leaves Us ALL Alone for Ever!


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