Thursday, November 10, 2005

So Are you Going to Force an Election or Not?

Well it seems that the Parties of the opposition have come to an agreement of sorts.

Between the “Official party of the Opposition” that being the CPC and the others, primarily being the PQ and the NDP the leaders have come to some sort of agreement that they will “make a motion to set an election date”.

It seems to me that after all the howling and rage that has been expended in the direction of the Liberal Party this is strange response.

Ø The idea that an election needs to be called by an opposition motion is unheard of to this observer.

Ø The strategy ( if that is what it is ) of trying to control the election date through such a move is questionable.

Ø The Liberals ( Leader Paul Martin ) have already pledged an election call to follow the final delivery of the Gomery Report.

Ø The move seems to indicate a preference for posturing and playing political games to having and standing on principals

MY VIEW is that this is nothing more than an attempt to save themselves the grief of having to deal with election politics over the Christmas holidays. Nothing more than an effort to make things a little more convenient for themselves.

How nice for Mr. Harper and the rest!

You know…..If this is the kind of leadership we can expect from these people isn’t it just a little bit concerning to you?

It bothers me because……. One of the great problems facing our system of governance in this country is public cynicism!

This to me is an example of exactly the kind of behaviour that creates and contributes to a cynical and unmotivated electorate.

When you hear time after time from “Man in the Street” interviews and polls, comments like “What’s The difference?” and “They're all the same anyway!” or “ You can’t trust any of them to do what they say once there in!” are all too common.

How many people can’t or won’t be bothered to vote because they believe they are wasting there time?

How many people won’t take the time to understand the issues because the don’t believe what they are being told?

How many people will not change the way they vote because they are feel they are better off with the Devil they Know than taking a chance on the Devil they don’t know?

Why are politicians viewed in opinion polls as being the most untrustworthy group in society?

The Most Important Question: How can you change these attitudes?

Well my advice to Mr. Harper is start right now! And here’s some suggestions how………………

1 – Show the world that you mean what you say! Since you said that this Liberal Party and Liberal Government needs to go you should stop equivocating. You can force a non-confidence vote and prove you intend to stand on your principals. If the other opposition members won’t go along so what? You will have shown the electorate that you can be trusted to do what you say as opposed to what suits your political agenda. You can’t credibly accuse others of playing politics ahead of doing what the people want if you are doing it too!

2 – The history and scope of failings racked up by the Liberal party is not limited to the issues of the Gomery enquiry/report. You have so much ammunition! Use it. You cannot possibly run out of ammunition to blast this government out office.

3 – Show leadership! Public opinion polls are mostly crap designed by the people who publish them to influence opinion. You are in a position to create support by showing that you deserve it. Do nothing and say nothing based on polls or about them.

4 – Prove that you are motivated by Principle! You can attack the failings of the others forever but nobody cares if you cannot show that what you stand for is valid. If you have solid principles and stand on those you cannot be shaken.



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