Monday, November 14, 2005

Take my Money - Misspend It and use it to Bribe Me!

Here We Go Again People!

Once more a Liberal Government is on shaky political ground and guess how they want to solve the problem?

Knowing that a federal election is imminent the Liberal Government under Paul Martin is gearing up to hold on to power.

Through the use of your Tax Dollars they are offering to implement a number of fiscal and social policies that are aimed at one thing only.

The policies are intended to buy votes and have no relation to good governance or leadership from this government.


PM Martin has been spouting off recently about Law and Order.

Saying that gangs and guns are a problem that needs to be addressed by tougher criminal penalties!

Well no S**t Sherlock! Put criminals in jail where they belong. If this is such a good idea then why did you not listen to the public and do it 12 years ago?

PM Martin recently said that the young offenders act may have some problems that need to be addressed.

Way to go Speed!

Maybe treating criminal children with kid gloves ( i.e.; No Consequences for Actions!) is not such a good idea after all?

Once again….could have looked after that 12 years ago.


Taxes! Finance Minister Ralph Goodale wants you to believe that the Liberals care about how much you a re taxed.

Baloney my friend!

This is nothing but posturing and is in no way any benefit to Canadians.

Insignificant adjustments in personal income taxes spread out over years will do nothing to ease the damage that federal government tax policies have done and continue to do to your personal finances, your future and your children’s future. I will be first in line to congratulate PM Martin on his success in reigning in federal budgets and the debt load that is being imposed on Canadian Taxpayers.

But Remember! The debt pay down was largely accomplished during his term as finance minister. Also remember it was Liberal financial mismanagement that created the crises levels of debt in the first place! And, remember that all debt reduction has been done on your back through taxation.

Every last dollar that the government takes out of the economy is a dollar that could have gone to your savings or to a Canadian business that employs people who share your tax load.

The federal government currently runs a surplus because of Over Taxation not because of good fiscal management!

Likewise, insignificant adjustments to corporate taxes spread out over years will do nothing to ease the damage that is being done to Canadian businesses.

The left wing side of the liberals and others in this country would like you to believe that there is a bogeyman of Big Business and Corporate tax Holidays enjoyed by rich people who own businesses.

Baloney! 80% of all business in Canada is Small Business. That means 80% of jobs and 80% of the economy is generated by individuals who put their own money and livelihood on the line to make a living. And when it comes to larger businesses that have publicly traded stocks there is significant ownership of the business by funds that ordinary wage earning Canadians invest in. Every dollar taken from these businesses hurts their ability to hire employees, to pay benefits, and in some cases to even stay in business.


Talking about Liberal Values!

What values are those?

Are you talking about the arrogance of the Liberal Party and their presumption that they and they alone represent how Canadians think or feel?

Are you talking about the appalling record of incompetence and mismanagement of our economy and resources?

Are you talking about the complete failure to keep our country unified? Or the apparent success in creating division and dissent between regions and groups in our nation?

Are you talking about the vilification of anyone who dares to speak out and take positions that oppose the Liberal Party creed of political entitlement, patronage and hypocrisy?

I’m sure we will all be hearing from the Liberals that we are doing great and only doing as well as we are because of their wonderful policies and leadership. We will also be hearing from them about how no one else and especially not the Conservatives can be trusted to manage the affairs of Canada. How, the conservatives are racists and bigots determined to undermine the nation.

The evidence is in front of Canadian Citizens and that evidence is that " The number one value of the Liberals is HoldingPolitical Power!"

The Liberals in Government and the Party they represent put themselves and their own interest ahead of the interest of Canada and Canadians every time and have been doing it for decades.
So people, you have the power, the right and I would say the responsibility to put the Liberals out!


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