Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This was Excerpted from Charles Adler....... on Nov.09, 2005

New “Poll” from CTV News taken from Posting on Charles Adler’s website:



Did you look at those numbers? Did anyone verify the method or data and if so who?

Just who is "The Strategic Counsel" ? Who would have the gall to make the claim, that the BQ would get 36% of the popular vote outside of Quebec? Or 18% or even 8% for that matter?

That the "West" would or did vote 42% or 45% for the BQ?? Or even Liberal?

Assuming the numbers were simply misplaced under the headings the percentage weighting is still so far from reality that it is a joke.

This is not a poll. This is a fabrication intended to support some liberal pinheads fantasy.

It is flagrant garbage like this that makes polls, (even honest scientificaly designed and analyzed polls) good for nothing but fuel for idle chatter. The fact that any media outlet would even report this without qualification is a disgrace.

Please see the excerpted content below:


The Libs are back up again..Were they ever really down?
posted on November 7th, 2005

Check out this poll from CTV shows a LIBERAL bounce....We were supposed to believe last week that the Libs were seriously wounded by the release of the Gomery Report...The truth is those polls were ginned up and jacked up. Those polled were asked several questions about corruption in general and Liberal corruption in particular..After that, people were asked to say how they would vote. Only a damn fool would believe that that kind of result would give anyone an indication of how people will vote several weeks from now, when corruption may not necessarily be what drives many people to vote.

Now CTV and The Globe and Mail have a new poll showing that the Liberals are back up again. Question: Were they ever really down?

PM's party snaps back
The Globe and Mail
Tue 08 Nov 2005
Page: A1
Section: National News
Byline: Brian *Laghi*

Canadians' anger over the Liberal government's role in the
sponsorship program appears to have burned itself out over the
weekend, allowing the party to snap back as the voters' first
choice just as it did last spring at the height of the
scandal………..the article goes on……………….

See results as posted below:


How would Canadians vote if an election were held today?

Nov. 7 results 2004 results

Liberal 35% 37%

Conservative 28% 30%

NDP 16% 16%

Bloc Quebecois 13% 12%

Green Party 8% 4%

Voting plans by region today Bloc Quebecois Conservative Liberal NDP Green Party

Quebec 50% 5% 30% 9% 6%

Rest of Canada* 36% 37% 18% 8%

Ontario 31% 44% 18% 7%

West 42% 25% 20% 12%

Voting plans by region in 2004 election

Quebec 49% 9% 34% 5% 3%

Rest of Canada* 37% 38% 19% 5%

Ontario 32% 45% 18% 4%

West 45% 28% 21% 4%


* Everywhere except Quebec NOTE: Numbers may not add up to

100 due to rounding.



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