Thursday, December 08, 2005

Liberals Propose Handgun Ban!

Outgoing Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin and his Liberals are proposing to once again attack the property rights of law abiding Canadians!

Instead of having a solution to deal with crime and gangs that involves fixing a broken legal system.
Instead of dealing with border security failures that allow a steady stream of contraband and criminals into our country.
Instead of defending Canadians!

Yes indeed! The LIberal answer is to take away the private property of Law Abiding Citizens!

The LIberals will demonize Canadians who choose to Legally own and use handguns instead of keeping criminals behind bars!
The LIberals will play on the fears of the timid sheeplike residents of urban Canada to generate support for their idiotic solutions.
The LIberals will not do anything prevent criminals from obtaining Illegal Handguns!
The LIberals will not admit that the reason for all this is their own incompetence!


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