Friday, December 09, 2005

Media On The Trail of Election News

I have been following the Globe&Mail election series on-line Titled : Globe Decision 2006.

Today's issue contained this piece:

What's The Story On Good News Judgement?


Christopher Dornan is director of the Carleton University school of journalism and communication.

From Friday's Globe and Mail
(I would have provided the link but it is behind the subsription barrier - Free subscription is available for the election series)

NOW, I have been particularly critical of Bell GlobeMedia reporting and editorialising on politics and election issues. As it is my observation and opinion that they exhibit the most blatant bias in the treatment of political news!
HOWEVER....I would like to congratulate Mr.Dornan on his foray into the issue and also give credit to BGM for including this into their election coverage!
In addition I encourage Mr. Dornan to continue with this theme as a series so we can benefit from his ongoing analysis and insight into the journalistic process.
I firmly believe that this is a serious public issue and that we can all benefit from intelligent and forthright dialogue in the area of Media coverage of politics!


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